Nike Air Fear of God 1 'The Question'

Nike Air Fear of God 1 ‘The Question’

Style ID: AR4237 902
Colorway: Multi-Color/Off Noir-String-Oatmeal
Retail Price: $350
Release Date: February 28, 2020
Where to Buy: Nike SNKRS app (time currently unknown)

Nike Air Fear of God 1 ‘The Question’

Jerry Lorenzo, the man behind the design. This is his second collaboration with the Nike brand. The design behind the Nike Air Fear of God 1 ‘The Question’ is said to be inspired by one of his heroes, Allen Iverson. The inspiration comes from the Reebok Question which was Iverson’s signature silhouette. Honestly, the style itself is enough to convince me to buy this sneaker. There are some similarities to me with some Yeezy silhouettes but I don’t mind it at all. In fact, it makes me like it more. Rawness and edginess is what the Nike Air Fear of God 1 ‘The Question’ seems to rely on. The material for the ankle appears to be black mess so it should be extremely flexible at the top.

Then there’s a simple clear light brown plastic cage that encompasses the outsole of the sneaker. With the mesh black body being so malleable, it allows for the feature of it being stitched to the upper of the sneaker that gives it some extra texture and soul. Other noteworthy features of the Nike Air Fear of God 1 ‘The Question’ include thick shoelaces, light blue air pocket on the outsole, and a back heel zipper for ensured comfort and fit.

These are possibly the best release of February 2020. They are generally simple but definitely display flashes of uniqueness and greatness. If you’re lucky enough to get this release, the hard part will then be deciding whether you would actually wear them or collect them. Make sure to keep checking up on new info because SNKRS has not announced anything official.  Also keep up with other new releases in our calendar!


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