Stella McCartney x Adidas Ultraboosts 'Active Orange'

Stella McCartney x Adidas Ultraboost 2020 ‘Active Orange’

Style ID: EF2211
Colorway: Active Orange/Fresh Lemon-Explorer S08
Retail Price: $230
Release Date: February 27, 2020
Where to Buy: Adidas & other select retailers

Ultraboosts have been one of the most successful sneaker lines from Adidas as of late. The Boost midsole has been widely appreciated by runners and athletes. The lightweight knit body design adds even more of an advantage for those who train in these sneakers. And the Continental undersole provides unbeatable grip for great traction and stability. With a quality design that the Ultraboosts incorporate, it is no mystery as to why they have been so successful for Adidas.

Stella McCartney x Adidas Ultraboost ‘Active Orange’

The Stella McCartney x Adidas Ultraboost 2020 ‘Active Orange’ adds to the already famous Ultraboost line. Because of the knit design from the body of the Ultraboosts, there is a lot of room to get creative. Stella McCartney takes full advantage of this feature by incorporating a patterned design that really makes the knit quality stand out. Then the midsole has a pink and orange stand that is used for enhanced support on the heel and the laces. The Stella McCartney brand is plastered on the front of the tongue in a nice lemon color that compliments the orange well. On the front of the sneaker there is also a plastic dipped orange patch that increases support and protection for the toes.

The Stella McCartney x Adidas Ultraboost 2020 ‘Active Orange’ stays true to the quality characteristics that converted many into fans. Its lightweight build and durable construction are ever present in this design and the Stella McCartney influence in style are a perfect combination. It is a great looking sneaker but the only problem we have with this release is the price. The $230 retail price is one of the most inflated prices we’ve seen. But it was not enough to offset the style points that this release deserves. We personally wouldn’t try to buy this sneaker but if money is no issue then go for it. Make sure to check out other new sneaker releases on our calendar!

Sneaker Style Rating: 10
Features Rating: 9
Retail Price: 5
Caps2Kicks Overall Rating: 8


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