on-the-street-miss-diddy-140-ankle-boot-1We met up with LA native and entrepreneur extraordinaire Miss Diddy for a shoot in her hometown. Check out how this Shiekh Women Ambassador high heels and street style here!

Universally known as the Ambassador of LA, Miss Diddy stands tall as the only woman promoter in Hollywood, CA, and the owner of the powerhouse firm “The Brand Group,” which handles all PR for the biggest events in Hollywood. She’s cool, chic and stylish, which makes her the perfect Shiekh Ambassador.

on-the-street-miss-diddy-140-ankle-boot-3 Miss Diddy in the 140 Ankle Boot by Shiekh Shoes.on-the-street-miss-diddy-140-ankle-boot-6Shiekh Shoes: 140 Ankle Booton-the-street-miss-diddy-140-ankle-boot-4 on-the-street-miss-diddy-140-ankle-boot-5 on-the-street-miss-diddy-140-ankle-boot-2on-the-street-miss-diddy-rage-2Miss Diddy in the Rage platform high heel by Shiekh Shoes.on-the-street-miss-diddy-rage-1on-the-street-miss-diddy-rage-4Shiehk Shoes: Rage platform high heel.on-the-street-miss-diddy-rage-3on-the-street-miss-diddy-vicky-3Miss Diddy in the Vicky-01 platform high heel by Shiekh Shoes.on-the-street-miss-diddy-vicky-2on-the-street-miss-diddy-vicky-1on-the-street-miss-diddy-vicky-4on-the-street-miss-diddy-vicky-8Shiekh Shoes: Vick-01 platform high heelon-the-street-miss-diddy-vicky-5on-the-street-miss-diddy-vicky-7on-the-street-miss-diddy-vicky-6Miss Diddy in the Vicky-01 platform high heel from Shiekh Shoes.

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