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Get to know our new brand ambassador, Don Benjamin! You may already be well aware of who Don Benjamin is. Perhaps you’ve caught a glimpse of him while perusing Instagram’s “Popular Page,” heard his music or have spotted him on America’s Next Top Model. We love his look and his street savvy style, which is why we’ve dubbed him as a Shiekh Shoes brand ambassador!


Growing up with dreams of being an NBA superstar, Don Benjamin didn’t expect to be now in pursuit of a career in the entertainment industry. Having been raised in a single parent home, his mother did the best she could within her circumstances to provide him with the best. They often moved from one city and state to the next, causing Don to have quite a diverse upbringing. From being raised in the ghettos of south side Minneapolise to the burbs of Minnesota and even to the beaches of Florida and California, Don’s diverse environments afforded him the opportunity to be exposed to and appreciate a variety of cultures and people, which he would later channel in his love for music.

During his first year of college, Don put aside his pro basketball pursuits in an effort to make the big move to Hollywood to hone his craft of music. After experiencing many highs and quite a few lows, he perservered on and has had plenty of successes to show for all of his hard work, including having his music featured on television shows, commercials and now available for sale on iTunes. One of his most notable accomplishments stems from him landing a spot on Cycle 20 of America’s Next Top Model–the first season in the show’s history to include male model contestants.


Don embodies our Shiekh Shoes customer: young, driven and style conscious. We’re super excited for this new partnership and you’ll most definitely see more of Don here on the Shiekh Shoes blog.


Follow us on Instagram @ShiekhShoes and keep up with Don Benjamin @itsDonBenjamin!

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