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Every time the fall season hits, plaid is just one of those cool trends that never seems to go out of style. And to show you how you can rock the preppy trend in an edgy way, we’ve whipped up today’s “Mad Plaid” Style Set on Polyvore!

With the weather cooling down, it’s the perfect time to start adding more layers to your daily look. By channeling the punk era, we paired a cool plaid-detailed crewneck to be worn beneath a pinafore mini dress and denim jacket. Though these are definite sources of inspiration for coming up with a fashionable fall ensemble, what’s most essential are these studded ankle boots–from of course! Celebs and fashionistas have made studded boots so popular that we deem them as a must-have for the fall and winter. And by adding a matching studded handbag, you can add just the right touch of edginess to just about any look.


  1. Shiekh Anka01r womens black western ankle boots

  2. NuG studded fringe bag

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