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Timberland: These Boots Were Made For Workin’

An undeniable icon in today’s shoe game is the Timberland boot.  The sturdy and classic wheat color work-boot  instantly comes to mind when the brand is mentioned; a brand founded almost 50 years ago in 1973 by Nathan Swartz.  A few years prior, Swartz and his sons introduced injection-molding technology to footwear production, which became a game-changer in the industry.  The new technology allowed the sole and upper of the shoes to be fused without stitching.  This technological advancement, paired with Sidney Swartz’s creative vision, brought to life the first waterproof boots.  The original Timberland boot, or “yellow boot,” was designed with hard-working New Englanders in mind; needing a durable shoe to last during the harsh, cold, and wet winters.  Fun Fact:  The original Timberland boots were created and built from 39 components, or pieces, and constructed via an 80 step process.

Via Timberland

Via Timberland

Since their inception, the boots have come a long way, gaining a huge following and reaching people worldwide!  In the 90s, once the boots were spotted on the feet of some of the biggest names in the rap game, they gained street cred and made their way to neighborhoods across the country.  It was with the help of hip-hop stars in the United States like Biggie and the Wu Tang Clan, that Timberland’s popularity and sales increased.


(Aaliyah, Wu-Tang Clan, Biggie Smalls)


Paninari in the 80s

In Europe, sales increased thanks to the Paninaro movement.  The movement was named after the Al Panino bar, a popular cafe  known for their regular patrons.  The Paninari were a group of youngsters  who welcomed a consumer-driven way of life.  The cornerstones of Paninaro fashion were Timberland boots paired with cuffed Levi’s and Alpha Industries MA-1 flying jackets.

While the brand has stepped into the shadows, Timberland has never been forgotten and is now making it’s way back to the forefront and into the mainstream.  In the recent years, not just hip-hop stars were seen sporting Timbs.  Supermodels, actors, athletes, reality stars, and even celebrity babies are rocking Timberlands, no matter the season.  So if the shoe fits, wear it boy.  You can browse our selection of Timberland boots here at

Images via Getty Images

Left to right (Rihanna, Drake, Cara Delevingne, Victor Cruz, North West) Images via Getty Images

Check out this video highlighting the Trailblazers of Southern California.  A group of fresh faces with fresh kicks who explore the natural beauty that California has to offer.

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