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Affirm Payment Plans – How to Stay Fresh For Less

No One Likes Budgeting

No one likes to spend on a budget. No one likes to think about how their next purchase might affect their bills. No one wants to feel as though they simply don’t have enough money to enjoy themselves. This is exactly how Alicia Keys was feeling when she was inspired to write “No one can get in the way of how I feel for you” in her timeless classic No One. Probably not but it would make it so much more relatable if it was. Now with Affirm payment plans we don’t have to relate to the song so much and simply enjoy it without reminiscing about those times we missed out on scoring big purchases because of tight funds.

What is Affirm?

Many retailers, like Shiekh, are starting to incorporate Affirm payment plans which makes it a lot easier to shop without breaking the bank. Some of their payment plans don’t even have interest! There are moments in everyone’s life where they simply have to “Treat Yo Self”, as Donna and Tom might say. This new feature will definitely ease some of that buyer’s remorse that so many of us feel the moment we click ‘confirm purchase’.

How to buy with Affirm

The Process

Once you finally decide what you want to buy, the process is quick and easy. In the checkout page it will redirect you to Affirm where you will apply for the credit and will get a decision made almost instantly. After that, waiting for your item to arrive is all that you need to worry about.

Affirm payment plan example

The Rundown

Sometimes there is something so great that you simply cannot miss the opportunity to buy it. Whether it’s a blowout sale or limited quantity available or if you simply just want to “Treat Yo Self”, this is perfect for looking fresh in the moment while giving you some time to build up the funds. Affirm payment plans really does take away the stress of having to worry about unloading most of your paycheck on one purchase. Look for the Affirm icon right below the retail price on many retailers’ websites, and start worrying less about breaking the bank and more on looking fresh.

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