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Pas De Mer Lands in the US from Italy

Since 2011 Pas De Mer has been making a name for itself in Italy as an independent streetwear brand; born in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea and 2000km away from the closet textile for supplies. An unconventional sarcastic vision that translates what stimulates him into essential but disruptive illustrations. This graphic language combined with the streetwear background of the brand, creates a relaxed and sophisticated collection.

We spotted Pas De Mer on with a nice selection of Hoodies, Shirts & Button-ups. Being that Pas De Mer is located in Italy shipping to the US could take an extra minute plus possible international shipping. Karmaloop offers free shipping and most orders get delivered in 2-3 day so you can get it by the weekend.

We can't decide which we like more the the Mountains Tee or the Knives.

Like most great streetwear Pas De Mer is high quality clothing and quality brand. Check out their news page as they are actively support their community.

Also be sure to check out the tiktok from karmaloop below on Pas De Mer.

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