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Coldplay ‘Everyday Life’: Everyday Style

Coldplay recently released a new album called Everyday Life on November 22, 2019. It was definitely unorthodox but anything that Coldplay does usually is. They address everyday issues such as police brutality, depression, gun control, incarceration, and some other tough topics. Everything about this album seems to be the polar opposite of the album before, A Head Full of Dreams. That album was largely pop based and very easily liked by the general population. There was no deeper meaning behind it, just some well written pop songs that worked great together which led to its global success. A Head Full of Dreams was a great album and it also resonated well with many critics.

Coldplay group photo for everyday life album

Guns: Song Review

This new album, Everyday Life, wasn’t necessarily constructed with global success in mind. Their message is clear from the start, they want to see change in the world. Coldplay has always been on the more activist side than most artists tend to be. One of their most powerful songs of the album has to be their song about gun reform which is simply called Guns. The song is a satire about how it would be a great idea to instill more guns in today’s society. To compliment the message, the style of the song is very raw and acoustic with a very angry undertone. The guitar riff seems to be muted just a little to give it a more angry feel.

Daddy: Song Review

Then their song Daddy is a soulful piano melody that tackles the issue of mass incarceration that affects the lives of millions of Dads and Daughters. It portrays the struggles that a Daughter goes through the trauma and loneliness of losing her Dad to the criminal justice system. Being such a young girl, she does not truly comprehend why her father left. She is tormented with thoughts that maybe she is the reason that her father has left her. All she wants is for him to come back one day.

There’s a mere few hours between the Natural History Museum being in its day to day layout, full of the general public – and later when its been fully transformed into a gig… — Coldplay?☀️ (@coldplay) November 26, 2019

Everyday Life ‘Tour’

Their new album is not geared for commercial success and they were aware of this because of their decision not to tour the album. This sent a massive shock to the music industry because no touring an album is almost unheard of in that money driven business. Their ‘tour’, if one chooses to label it that way, only consisted of 9 performances and 6 of those were concerts. Saturday Night Live was their first TV performance which was followed up by BBC Radio 1 and Ellen.

To release the album they decided to hold a concert in Jordan for a crowd of a few hundred. They then followed up with a concert at the Natural History Museum in London. Then to finish the ‘tour’, they scheduled 4 concerts in Los Angeles. One of them was at the Forum as part of a festival there. Two others were part of a Citi organized intimate concert that was used as a platform for some of the issues the album address like prison reform. The other concert was hosted by KROQ and it was for a few hundred people who were able to win the radio contest.

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE — “Kristen Stewart” Episode 1772 — Pictured: Musical guest Coldplay performs on Saturday, November 2, 2019 — (Photo by: Will Heath/NBC)

The reason they stated for not going on tour was that they do not want to tour anymore until they are able to have a carbon neutral tour. Coldplay believes that they are pretty close to figuring this out and that they hope it’ll inspire other performers to do the same. No one really knows what a carbon neutral tour will look like but it definitely seems interesting.

Everyday Life Album Review

I love the album. It’s not their best album to date but I definitely think it’s their most powerful one. This is how I would rank their songs:

  1. Daddy – Chris Martin on the piano is an unbeatable duo that delivers classics time and time again.

  2. Orphans – Their most pop-based song on the album and it reminds you of the classics like Charlie Brown and Hymn for the Weekend.

  3. Guns – It’s powerful, raw, and well written.

  4. WOTW/POTP – A song that seems genuine and truthful while incorporating great guitar riffs.

  5. Champion of the World – A great uplifting song while not being too nostalgic.

  6. Cry Cry Cry – A beautiful love ballad with simple musical construction.

  7. Arabesque – Wonderfully jazzy and passionate.

  8. Church

  9. Old Friends

  10. Everyday Life

  11. When I Need a Friend

  12. Broken

  13. Trouble in Town

  14. Sunrise

  15. Eko

Everyday Style

Chris Martin, Coldplay’s lead singer, has always been thought of as the frontman of the band, often going on press tours alone. Because of this he has been the one that the pop culture media focuses on more. This has caused him to be the one that is most influenced by the pop culture world which one can see in his everyday style.

From the very beginning of the ‘Everyday Life’ era, he has been wearing Air Jordan 1 Retros. And not just any Air Jordan 1 Retros, he seems to be wearing the ‘NYC to Paris’ style. The resale market doesn’t exactly categorize this sneaker as a fan favorite but it is definitely one of the more interesting Air Jordan 1’s because of its duo colorway. Once worn, the sneaker changes from simple greys to vibrant pinks, very Coldplay-esque. Chris Martin’s style has always been really simple but attractive. He wears a short sleeve t-shirt that usually has shorter than normal sleeves. Pairs that up with some ripped washed denim black jeans. Then he finishes off with some interesting sneakers. It has almost become a uniform for him and it works well.


Simple style but great look. To get the Chris Martin style we recommend these products:


The Shirt

Keeping it simple is the way that Chris Martin has always approached his style. He always wear a slim fit shirt with the sleeves a bit shorter than normal. This Rolled Sleeve Tee by Paper Root is a perfect example of keeping it simple but with great style.


The Jeans

To go along with the simple short sleeve tee, Chris Martin can usually be found wearing some washed black denim jeans. Nothing to extravagant but just enough to keep it stylish. In order to go with the style, the jeans have to be skinny fit. For this we recommend the FBRK 9736S Jeans to get the job done. Not too faded and not too ripped, the perfect distressed jeans.



The Sneakers

For the sneakers we had to go with the same style that he had on, the Air Jordan 1. A classic, because of its simplicity and its style. The ones that we highly recommend to complete this look would be the Air Jordan 1 High Zoom Fearless. These sneakers are loud when they are worn in the light, something that I believe Chris Martin would love. The Air Jordan 1’s that he wore on this tour were unique which is why he would love these. The other ones that aren’t as unique but do the job are the Air Jordan 1 Mid SE ‘Coral’. They have a soft unique colorway that really captures Chris Martin’s style. All of the items come with links to Karmaloop and Shiekh which is where they are available. One tool that you can utilize on Shiekh is their Affirm payment plans.

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