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FENTY: Fur Slide Re-Stock

Are you one of the poor, unfortunate souls still unable to snag a pair of the FENTY x PUMA Fur Slide to call your own?  Don’t worry, Shiekh Shoes has your back, with a re-stock of all three colorways!  Making their return in Black, White, and Shell, the highly sought after sandals will go on sale for a third time on August 5, 2016!  Yes, that’s right, in just over two weeks you can buy a pair for yourself…or at least try to.  

Given the highly successful history between PUMA’s collaborative efforts with Rihanna, you’ll want to be sitting, waiting, and wishing on your smartphone, computer, or both, the morning of August 5th.  The first time around, the popular slides went live and within 30 minutes they were going…going…gone!  Shortly after their debut, re-sellers marked up the price and had them listed for up to $1,000.  Although this is the third release of the fuzzy footwear, they’re still on everyone’s “MUST HAVE” list so don’t think you’re guaranteed a pair.  

RiRi’s aesthetic and design influence is clear at first glance of The Fenty Fur Slide.  Rihanna’s take on the Leadcat silhouette features a faux fur strap with smooth satin foam backing.  An embroidered PUMA logo across the top completes the look as a simply chic sandal.  While we’re happy to be presented with the three original colorways yet again, we can’t wait to see what additional colors are in the works for the rest of the year.  (Update 7/26 @ 9:10am PST – The Fenty Fur Slide will also be released in Grey on August 5, 2016)


Get your fingertips ready ahead of the August 5th release! will be stocked and loaded with The Fenty Fur Slide, just waiting to make its way to a closet near you!

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