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Harmony has worked with a multitude of artists, including Chris Brown, Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez and, most recently, Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland and Beyonce on Williams’s new single, “Say Yes.” His killer sense of style and love of sneakers, along with his impact on today’s music scene, make Harmony an influential and effective member of the Shiekh Shoes family.

“Since I moved to Los Angeles [from the UK], I had an issue trying to places to buy sneakers,” Harmony said of the sneaker scene in LA. “I normally would fly back home the first year and pick up 12 pairs of sneakers and come back because I knew they didn’t have them over here. A friend of mine told me, ‘You should try this store called Shiekh Shoes.’ So I went over to the store, and low and behold, it felt just like home. I would go into other stores and would realize they didn’t have what Shiekh had. What Shiekh had really fit me—size, style. It felt like home away from home, and I became very loyal to them.”


Shiekh Shoes is proud to have such a talented artist on board. The partnership will help support our mission in bringing affordable, stylish footwear to men, women and children everywhere.


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