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Kobe’s Death: Bringing Out the Best and Worst of People

Seems like just yesterday that new heartbreaking news of Kobe’s death was first reported. Many still mourn the death today. Others are trying to move on as best as they can. Some are taking the Mamba Mentality to an even deeper level. The realization that even the Black Mamba could die gave many people a reality check. They realized that they should be doing more with the time that we have because we never know how much time we have left.

Mamba Mentality

Those are the people that Kobe brought the best out of. Moreover, they turned his death into a turning point in their lives and to make a change for the better. For those people, Kobe’s death was not in vain. Kobe brought out the best in so many people. Additionally, his effect wasn’t just on the court either. Many took the Mamba Mentality seriously in their everyday lives. And even more were inspired after his death as a homage to what Kobe stood for. Dedication and excellence. And the great thing about Kobe was that he actually practiced what he preached.

The Disgrace

However, to every good action it seems as though there always has to be a bad action to counteract it. Hours after Kobe’s death was announced, prices of this merchandise skyrocketed on the resale market. Products of Kobe Bryant flew off the shelf at retail locations at the hands of those looking to make a profit. Those weren’t his fans. If the first thing they thought of after Kobe died was “how can I make money from this” then they weren’t a Mamba fan or a basketball fan. They weren’t even decent human beings.

At the sight of Kobe Bryant passing away and all those that were with him, including his daughter Gianna, they instantly thought to buy or sell Kobe Bryant merchandise for the sake of making a few extra dollars. It’s immoral, it’s shallow, and it’s a disgrace to all those who lost their lives that day. Then the worst part is that there is probably no sympathy on their end. They have no regard for human life and are the worst kind of human beings. It’s sick.

If you’re a Mamba fan, stay patient. The right time and opportunity will come for you to get some Kobe gear in a more ethical way. On March 26, 2020 Nike will release the Nike Zoom Kobe 5 Protro ‘Laker’ sneaker. It will be the first Kobe sneaker that Nike has released since his death. It’s a shame that one of the most inspirational athletes of his generation brought out the best and the worst of people with his unfortunate death. For those of you that played a part in the whole monetizing Kobe’s death, you suck.

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