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Earlier this year, Reebok brought back one of its all-time favorited basketball shoes, the Shaqnosis. While many other athletes have had their signature sneakers retroed, Shaquille O’Neal’s famed sneaker hasn’t been on the market since its 1995 debut. Yet after 18 years, Reebok re-released the Shaqnosis this summer, and continues to revamp it in new ways. And with the all-new Shaqnosis “Escape from LA,” the Shaqnosis continues to reign as iconic.

The original black and white rendition of the Shaqnosis was spotted back in the 1995-96 basketball season during The Diesel’s career with the Orlando Magic as well as during the 1996 All-Star game. As Shaq headed over to the Los Angeles Lakers as a free agent soon after, his signature sneaker were no longer spotted on the court but managed to make cameos in the streets and on celebs.




Now with the release of the Shaqnosis in various new colorways, old and new sneakerheads can add a modern classic to their shoe collections. In celebration of his time with the Los Angeles Lakers, Reebok switches things up with the Shaqnosis “Escape from LA.”

Stay tuned here on the Shiekh Shoes blog! We’ll keep you posted on the debut of the Reebok Shaqnosis “Escape From LA,” which is set to release October 18.

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