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New Sneaker Release Calendar

This isn’t your ordinary release calendar. We aren’t going to give you the fillers that make everyone’s calendar look so full. We’re only going to give you the good stuff. Caps2Kicks will rate every single release and in order to make the New Sneaker Release Calendar, it will have to score at least a 7/10. Why waste your time with reading all the fillers when we have the trendsetters.

If you think we’ve missed out on a release let us know!… And we’ll tell you why you’re wrong. New releases will be listed daily so make sure to check out the new events. Caps2Kicks will also be releasing a weekly guide on the new releases for that week. In the guide, it will tell you the best ways to buy the new releases and which one’s might be the hardest to get. Another thing that we’re going to include is a resale estimator for what we believe the market price will be after the release.

To check out the New Sneaker Release Calendar on mobile, click the link here or click on the drop down menu tab on the top left of the screen to see the upcoming releases. On the computer, just click the Release Dates tab on the menu to check out the calendar.

Don’t miss out on the latest and greatest sneaker releases!

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