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Puma x Charlotte Olympia: British Hollywood Crossover

Puma again continues their collaboration with female led brands. This time they have partnered with the british brand Charlotte Olympia. The founder, Charlotte Olympia, is actually the namesake for her brand. Even though the brand is fairly young, they have established a reputation of quality and fashionable products since 2008. Her theme of Old Hollywood glamour allows her to encapsulate fun and playful designs in her designs. This is definitely apparent with her incorporation of cheetah print on a decent amount of her products.

Puma’s Mission

Puma’s approach to incorporate women led labels is really something that should be admired. Because all other companies have essentially focused on courting and acquiring the female customer by investing heavily into their women department. This, of course, isn’t necessarily a bad thing but Puma’s approach seems to be a lot more well-intentioned. Instead of investing large amounts of money into their own women’s department, they have outsourced to other women led labels.

Puma x Charlotte Olympia

The problem we see with funding a company’s own department is that it seems to really only be fueled by profit. By not having to outsource, they keep all of the profit. But outsourcing brings profit sharing which big corporations tend to avoid at all costs. What Puma is doing by collaborating with these women led brands is catapulting them into an international stage. Puma is essentially giving an already great women led brand and setting them up with an easier path to a bigger audience.

Puma x Charlotte Olympia is going to be a collaboration that you definitely want to keep an eye on. They are going to have many products available from track jackets to crop tops to the all important sneakers. You can style a whole outfit with the Puma x Charlotte Olympia collaboration. And a fun little side note, her sister, Alice Dellal, is the model that launched the Puma x Charlotte Olympia campaign who is shown above.

Where can I find the Puma x Charlotte Olympia collaboration?

It will be available on Puma on March 6, 2020. Shiekh and Karmaloop will also have a majority of the catalog available on March 6, 2020.

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