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Super Bowl 2020 Review: Who Did it Best?

After what was a horrendous January for most of the world, it was nice to start of February on the right foot. The first week of February gave us the most anticipated sporting event in the United States, the Super Bowl. This year’s match was between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. It promised to be a good one and it did not disappoint. But not only was the game good, so many other things that make the Super Bowl a must watch event were also firing on all cylinders. First of all we have the iconic halftime performance. Then the commercials were head over heels better than last year’s commercials. Point is, there was so much entertainment going on that it was hard to take your eyes off the screen.

The Big Game

The Kansas City Chiefs were favorites coming into the game as the powerhouse offense usually is. The San Francisco 49ers were seen as substantial underdogs but a lot of the traditional football fans sided with their iron defense to win it all. Early on, the 49ers seemed in control. The grind them out one play at a time nature of the game was definitely the style that the 49ers wanted. The 49ers looked as though they were about to take the lead before the half, when the Chiefs were forced to punt with over 1:30 left to play.

But the 49ers did not call a timeout and the Chiefs ran out the clock to about 59 seconds. Then the 49ers didn’t call a timeout when they ran the ball and the clock went down to 30 seconds. Once they finally got a first down they called a timeout but there wasn’t enough time to do anything special. Their last hope came when Jimmy G threw a 40 yard pass that was denied because of pass interference. This led to them kneeling and closing out the half tied at 10. Should they have been more aggressive, who knows what the outcome would have been.

The 49ers were in the lead early in the 4th quarter and everything was looking good for them. They were shutting down the pass game and the run looked very weak on the Chiefs’ side. There was even an interception that seemed like it should have sealed the win for the San Francisco 49ers. But Jimmy G couldn’t run down the clock. The Chiefs scored twice because the 49ers couldn’t pick up many first downs in order to run out the clock.

Even with the Chiefs scoring twice, it still left Jimmy G with over 2 minutes left. More than enough time for them to get down the field and score. But Jimmy G was rattled, for someone who relied on the run to guide him through wins, this wasn’t the ideal situation for the 49ers. Jimmy G needed to throw the ball but he just isn’t an elite quarterback like Mahomes, Rodgers, Brady, and Brees. They turned the ball over on downs at midfield and that’s where the game essentially ended. The 49ers lack of a strong pass presence led to their downfall of not being able to charge down the field with time winding down.

All in all, it was a great game. One of the best in recent times and very entertaining throughout.

The Big Show

The Halftime show performance was just as good as the game. Shakira seemed to be the headliner with JLo acting as the backup. Shakira led with sexy songs and fiery dance moves that were a spectacle to watch. JLo performed well and was more flashy with her performance but I think there was little doubt in anyone’s mind as to who was the star of the Halftime performance. Shakira’s dances were better executed and her songs were definitely more popular than JLo’s.

The Big Screen

The biggest improvement for the Super Bowl came in the form of commercials. Last year’s slate was noticeably bland and stale. They lack creativity, edginess, and big name stars. This year they delivered on all those fronts. The stand out commercials for us were the Google ad on the elderly man suffering from an aging memory, finding help with Google Home in order to remember his deceased wife. Another memorable commercial was the Jason Momoa (most recognizable from his role as Aquaman) Rocket Mortgage commercial that displayed him as a skinny legend under all that muscle. It was funny and unsettling at the same time.

The last one that we thought was in the Top 3 commercials was the Doritos commercial that featured Lil Nas X, Samuel Elliot, and Billy Ray Cyrus. Lil Nas X and Samuel Elliot engaged in a dance off for the Doritos and ended with Billy Ray Cyrus making a funny remark. Many other commercials are worth the mention but we think it best if you simply watch them for yourself.

Let us know in the comments below if you enjoyed the game. Do you think our top 3 commercials were the best? Who did you like best in the Halftime performance? Who will win it all next year? What do we do now that football is over? One thing that we know for sure is that February can’t possibly be as bad as January was.

Who won the Super Bowl 2020?

Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers 31-20 in a close match that saw the Chiefs pull away only in the last seconds.

Who had the best Super Bowl commercials?

Doritos, Rocket Mortgage, and Google Assistant had the best commercials of the night.

Who performed at the Super Bowl Halftime show?

The Halftime show was performed by Shakira and JLo with Bad Bunny and J Balvin made a special appearance.


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