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The Mandalorian Style Guide: This is the Way

The Hoodie

The Nike Sportwear Air Hoodie comes with an intricate colorway of medium olive, black, and white. Designed to be a gym hoodie, its primary focus was to ensure comfort and durability. Even though it is a gym hoodie, its style lends itself to so much more. There’s an elegance to it that comes from the earthy olive color that adds to a more casual feel, rather than the activewear it was designed for.

One of the reasons I love this hoodie is because of how it reminds me of the Disney+ show, The Mandalorian. I guess ever since the show came out, I’ve been attributing the olive color to Mandalorian. Anyways, if you want a great looking hoodie that may or may not resemble a Disney character, then this hoodie is a great buy! One thing that might make people think twice about buying this great Nike hoodie is that the price is a bit steep at $74.99.

The Crop Top

The Nike Sportswear Long Sleeve Crop Top is a fashion statement! Its simple crop top design is elevated by the ‘Just Do It.’ band above the stomach. This shirt is all about confidence, if you can rock this then you can rock anything. Be comfortable with who you are and embrace the way you look in this crop top. Perfect for going to the gym and a great addition to your athleisure wear. Simple but sexy, it elevates athleisure wear by incorporating style and comfort with the perfect crop top. Finished with a textured vertical construction, it emphasizes stretchability and performance. Even with its high price of $54.99, the style is definitely worth every dollar.

The Leggings

Call me crazy but these TFS Paneled Leggings by Puma would be the perfect finish to this outfit. Sometimes you have to take a stand for what you believe in, that mismatching brands is a style! These leggings are perfect for the crop top and hoodie from Nike. The whole outfit is based off of edge and contrasting colors. The TFS Paneled Leggings provide edge with the side panels and the contrast comes from the black and white colorway. Coming in at $44.99, these are the cheapest part of the outfit, giving even more reason to break the trend of brand matching.

The Kicks

Air Jordan 1 Mid Black Trooper Sequoia Womens sneaker captures the mandalorian style guide

Arguably the most important part of any outfit, the Air Jordan 1 Mid Black Trooper Sequoia was our finishing touch on the outfit. The perfect colorway to match the entire outfit and seamlessly blend it all into the perfect look. The stunning military themed colorway embraces the theme of the Mandalorian. They come in at a reasonable $109.99 and will definitely be worth the high price point. Honestly, if you aren’t completely sold on the Mandalorian theme that we’re shooting for here then a great alternative would be any white pair of sneakers. Even the Air Jordan 1 Mid all white sneakers would work great with this outfit as well.

Where to Buy

All these great styles are available at Shiekh. The great thing about Shiekh is that they incorporate Affirm payment plans so it makes buying all these great looks a bit lighter on your wallet. In total, you’re looking at paying $44.99 for the leggings and $81 for 3 months to purchase all of this today!

The Reason

This is definitely not a conventional style so if you’re looking for orthodox then you’re not going to find it here. The Mandalorian style guide delivers excellent comfort and style. This style was made to stand out and be unique. Anyone can match brands and buy the complete set of a tracksuit but it takes a little more to go against what we’re familiar with. If you’re planning a Disneyland or gym outfit or even a casual night out style then look no further. Be bold, be different, be you. This is the way.

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