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Disney x Irregular Choice – Put a Little Magic in Your Step

With everything going on in the world, it’s always nice to add a little bit of magic into your everyday life. One way you can do this is with our clothes. What better way to add a little magic in your step than with Disney Themed heels!

Sometimes (well, a lot of the times) we want to feel like royalty and these Disney Themed heels provide the perfect way to do that. They are colorful and vibrant, exactly how you would expect Disney heels to be. I will be the first to say that these heels are not for fitting in or going with the status quo but that’s exactly the kind of heels that Irregular Choice makes.

Irregular Choice: Quirky & Fun

It’s in the name, Irregular Choice focuses on designing heels that are meant to be the standout of anyone’s outfit, whereas other heels focus on complimenting one’s outfit. One would think that the signature of these heels would be in the extravagant and unique design of the body, but in reality their quirky heels are what make them unlike any other heels out there.

The Irregular Choice x Disney Collection has options available for everyone! From the classics like The Little Mermaid and Snow White to more modern hits like Toy Story and Mulan.

Snow White Disney Heels

Snow White Disney Heels

Toy Story Heels

Toy Story Heels

Jessie Heels

Jessie Heels

Disney Heels Discount at Tilted Sole

What’s even better than amazing Disney themed heels? Amazing Disney themed heels at a huge discount! There’s a sale going on at Tilted Sole where almost half of these Irregular Choice Disney heels are on sale with up to a 50% discount! Yes they are on the more expensive side but the designs are honestly so worth it!

To add to the previous point, Irregular Choice is a great brand with quality heels so you definitely know you’re getting your money’s worth. And you could either wear them out and show them off to your friends and family or keep them as sort of collectibles. I would suggest wearing them to Disneyland but lets be honest, no one can handle Disneyland wearing heels all day.

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Or they could be worn for a special event like a Disney themes party. You’ll definitely be the center of attention with these beautifully designed heels.

Of course these Irregular Choice x Disney heels are expensive but they are worth the money. As a collectible or for a magical night, these are sure to make you feel like a Disney Princess! And with these discounts on Tilted Sole, there’s so many reason for you to buy these heels!

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