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#Trending: 90s Revival

What goes around comes around…words that speak much truth, especially about the ever-changing fashion industry.  While not always for the better, it’s no secret fashion repeats itself; time and time again, decade after decade.  As the style cycle continues to make its rounds, 90s trends have made both a comeback and a statement, standing at the forefront of fashion.  Karmaloop has embraced the #trending 90s revival to the fullest, and this week they’re showcasing  must have items heavily influenced by hip-hop culture of the decade.   Whether you need a fresh pair of Timbs, casual bucket hats, or bold vertical striped shirts, Karmaloop has you covered in adding to your 90s inspired wardrobe.   

Rothco 90s

Rothco Bucket Hat

Timberland 90s

Timberland Boot


Ralph Lauren

At present, it’s the norm for major hip-hop artists, and musicians across the board, to delve into the fashion industry as another means to express their creativity (and make some extra cash).  This added layer in the fashion business is just another way in which the style and swag of hip-hop culture has made its way back into the mainstream.  A$AP Rocky recently collaborated with Guess to create a throwback capsule collection honoring 90s youth. It’s a denim-heavy collection with quintessential 90s influences seen in over-sized denim jackets, overalls and logo-centric styles.  In February, Rihanna debuted her PUMA collection at New York Fashion Week.  It consisted of oversized athletic wear styled with chokers, crosses, and platform Creepers, which added a nineties aesthetic to the showcase.

Cross Colours 90s

via Cross Colours

With retro fashion currently #trending, many old school brands have decided to reboot their operations.  One of our favorites from back in the day was Cross Colours.  Founded by Carl Jones and T.J. Walker in South Central LA in the early 90s, the duo initially wanted to create “clothing without prejudice” and boost social awareness. At a time when teenage runaways, AIDS, and racial discrimination was clearly evident, Cross Colours become the beacon of aspiration. Many big names like Tupac, TLC, Snoop Dogg, Jamie Foxx, and Marky Mark (among countless others), rocked and supported the brand to “educate and elevate.”  

Cross Colours 90s

via Cross Colours (@Gijoe_OMG@NipseyHussle, @zoeisabellakravitz, @champagnepapi)

After almost 20 years of being dormant, Cross Colours made its return with the release of The Hundreds X Cross Colours Collection in 2014.   Now you can purchase some of their classic designs released as Retro Re-Issues at!  “So just kick off your shoes and relax your feet,” then head over to Karmaloop for some 90s nostalgia.  

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