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Yeezy Boost 750 Blackouts: A Closer Look


This week the news broke that rap superstar and mogul, Kanye West’s newest style of kicks would be making it’s debut in stores this weekend, Saturday December 19, with a $350 price tag.  This go-around, the Adidas YEEZY Boost 750’s will be sold in the triple-black, or blackout, style.  The Velcro strap, laces, outer-sole, and suede upper are completely murdered-out.  Mr. West’s original launch of the 750 shoe was released in a soft tan color.  Since then we’ve also seen the sneakers come in standard black, grey, and most recently, moonrock.


Adidas has hand selected a few stores to sell the new shoes come December 19.  And while Adidas produces orders a little larger in size with each batch, the shoes are still quite hard-to-get.  As is true with Shiekh Shoes, most stores opt to raffle them out to lucky fans.  Find out on the 19th to see if you’re a lucky participant!  Unlike us everyday civilians, some lucky A-Listers in the music industry were lucky enough to have a first glimpse at AND their own pair of Boost 750’s.  Musicians Travis Scott and The Weeknd were gifted the coveted shoes by none-other than Kanye himself.  It also pays to be related to the rapper.  Kylie Jenner posted pics of her new Boost 750’s along with the Oxford Tan version of the Boost 350’s.  While there is no official release date for the new low-tops, it’s rumored that they’ll drop on December 29.

Travis Scott showing off his fresh pair of blackout YEEZY Boost 750s on Instagram.

Kylie Jenner was happy to receive her new YEEZY Boosts

Kylie Jenner was happy to receive her new YEEZY Boosts

If you were lucky enough to receive a raffle ticket for tomorrow’s Shiekh Shoes raffle, we want to wish you luck!  With the cult-status of these new arrivals and the Adidas YEEZY collection, you’re gonna need all the luck you can get!

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