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2020 NBA All-Star Game: Where the Teams Stand?

Many people are describing it as one of the best All-Star Weekends in the history of the NBA. There was an array of talent, huge controversy in the Slam Dunk Contest, and a close finish in the 2020 NBA All-Star Game. What more could anyone ask for? The controversy came in the form of the Slum Dunk Contest. The contest went into ‘double overtime’ where both players tied again and again in points. But then the judges seemed to take off points from Derrick Jones Jr.’s dunk because they’re expectations were so high and they had been giving 50’s on the previous 4 dunks. So they gave Jones’ dunk a 48 when everyone knew it was just as good as the other dunks.

The Controversy

But they moved on and Aaron Gordon came out and dunked over Tacko Fall, the 7’5” player from the Celtics. Everyone went crazy and everyone knew who would win the contest. But… the judges gave him a 47. Thus, Jones was the winner. Gordon quickly announced in the post-contest interview that he would no longer partake in the Slam Dunk Contest because he felt he should have won both of the ones he was in.

The Conspiracy

There is a conspiracy theory that D-Wade actually rigged the vote. People are saying that the judges had agreed to give them both a 48 and then turn it over to the judges to decide the winner. But D-Wade took it into his own hands and gave Gordon a 9 instead of the 10 to give the award to his favorite team’s player. His favorite team just so happens to be the Miami Heat, where Jones plays.

The All-Star Game

Then the 2020 NBA All-Star Game in itself was actually entertaining, at least compared to previous ones. At the end it was neck and neck and it ended with a slim 2-point win for Team LeBron. However, the one thing that did not sit well with fans is that the game ended on an Anthony Davis free throw. Fans believe that there should be a rule that prohibits a game from ending with a free-throw because it takes out a lot of excitement during the last shot.

Where the Teams Stand

We’re at the halfway point of the season and things are looking very interesting. It has been an emotional first half and some players are definitely still recovering from it. Kobe Bryant’s death has had its effect all over the league. Many of the league’s best young talent grew up idolizing Kobe. Obviously the death of their long time idol who was still heavily involved in the NBA caused a lot of grief.

That pain still hasn’t left. The hole that has been left in the game by the death of Kobe Bryant is ever present. But still the kids must go on and play. They are playing in honor of Kobe. And Kobe would definitely be proud of them.

The Los Angeles Lakers

The team that has perhaps been affected by Kobe’s death are the Los Angeles Lakers. The team that Kobe gave his life and soul to. The Lakers stand with the second best record at the All-Star break. They are the favorites to win it all regardless. When you have LeBron and Davis on the same team, that’s all you need to be favorites. The Lakers have shown flashes of greatness and they are definitely an experienced team that shouldn’t be phased by the playoffs. Will they live up to the hype and bring home the 2020 NBA Championship.

The Milwaukee Bucks

The competition that the Lakers face lies in Milwaukee. Giannis seems to be just as good as last year. This time around they will be better prepared for the playoffs unlike last year when they seemed to shy away from the spotlight. Will they be the real deal this time around? Who knows but I’d bet on them.

The Los Angeles Clippers

The closer and perhaps most serious competition that the Lakers will face lies in the same arena as them. The Los Angeles Clippers are the second favorites to win it all. The power duo that they received over the off-season should be enough to finally win a championship. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George are looking to push the already stacked Clippers past the finish line.

The 2020 NBA Championship

The winner of the 2020 NBA Championship will be the Los Angeles Clippers. They have more depth in their squad than the Lakers. The attractive thing about the Lakers is that they have 2 of the best players in the league in LeBron James and Anthony Davis. But the Clippers have a better overall theme. And who knows if LeBron can still carry the heavy load of the playoffs. One thing is clear, the Clippers are better suited for a championship run.

The Bucks will make it to the final but they don’t seem to be a real threat to either the Lakers or the Clippers. The dark horses in the race are the Denver Nuggets who proved themselves last year in the playoffs. But they have arguably stayed the same so they don’t seem to be a real threat either.

If it’s the Clippers or the Lakers, the NBA championship will head to Los Angeles. Whether you support the Lakers or the Clippers make sure to check out Shiekh and Karmaloop for the latest Mitchell & Ness and Starter team gear.

Who won the 2020 NBA Slam Dunk Contest?

Derrick Jones Jr. controversially beat out Aaron Jones to claim the title.

Who won the 2020 NBA All-Star Game?

Team LeBron pulled off a huge comeback to win in dramatic fashion… a free throw.

Who was the first ever 2020 NBA All-Star Game Kobe Bryant MVP?

Kawhi Leonard won the MVP by scoring 30 points, and shot 8 for 14 from beyond the 3-pt line.

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