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Adidas x Parley: Plastic vs Creativity

Adidas is one of the largest retail companies in the industry. Because of their ‘big corporation’ reputation, one would most likely assume that they do not do their part in combating pollution. Big corporations all seem to have a money first mentality and they never seem to take into account the repercussions that come with their actions. Do they care? Most of the time, no. But, surprisingly, Adidas actually seems to care.

Back in 2015, a concept of fashionable performance footwear was introduced at the United Nations. Adidas and Parley for the Oceans teamed up to create a line of not only sneakers, but apparel as well. They have taken the collaboration and have shattered expectations. Every piece of the Adidas Parley collection is at least 75% intercepted plastic trash.

The Process

The trash that they use goes a long way in helping out the environment around us. By 2050, it is projected that there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. Even worse, today 90% of all seabirds and 50% of all turtles have plastic in their stomachs.

Plastic is essentially indestructible. This means that almost every piece of plastic ever made is still out there today in one form or another. And every year more than 9 tons of that plastic ends up in the ocean. The results have been catastrophic on sea life and on the climate.

Parley is on the forefront in the fight against plastic. They go out into the field and collect plastic waste in order to combat the problem. It is perhaps the most efficient way to make an impact on this issue. Obviously, the solution would be to completely stop the production of plastic but that is not dependent on the people. It is dependent on the big corporations that will do anything to increase profits.

The Adidas Parley Collection

Adidas Parley has been able to take out large amounts of plastic from the ocean and recycled it into some great looking sneakers and apparel. Adidas has been a great company for the people by being transparent and helping out with these kinds of issues on a consistent basis.

If you’re ever looking for a more ethical approach to fashion, then check out the Adidas Parley collection. It’s a lot more ethical than most of the other choices out there and it feels good to shop at a company that seems to be making a difference in the world.

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