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Air Jordan 1: The One That Started it All

How it All Started

Style so great, it should be banned. That’s exactly what the NBA did. We’re talking about the one and only, Air Jordan 1. In 1985, the NBA issued stern letters from league officials and a hefty $5,000 fine every time that Michael Jordan wore the black and red (‘Bred’) colorway that violated the league’s uniform policy . All that did was ignite the fire. The controversy behind the sneakers led to them being put in the nation’s eye and soon became a national story. Yeah the Air Jordan 1 broke the rules, but it also broke the mold.

The Air Jordan 1 that started it all. The Air Jordan 1 'Bred'.

The sneakers were trailblazers in the transition of basketball being one of the most popular sports in the nation to basketball being a fashion culture center. Once those sneakers came onto the scene, people realized that much could be done with fashion in the NBA. Michael was the perfect guy to lead this movement. Everything he did was in the national spotlight and he loved every second of it.

The Air Jordan 1 Silhouette

The Air Jordan 1 is a simple and classic design. The colorways are where it starts to display a sense of uniqueness. Over time we have seen many iconic colorways and collaborations. Today’s streetwear culture revolves heavily on this iconic sneaker. It is a classic sneaker that was made famous by the streetwear community. You can wear the Air Jordan 1 sneaker with almost any outfit because of all the colorways that have been released. Even in the celebrity world they are very popular sneakers. Celebrities like Chris Martin from Coldplay, that aren’t necessarily too involved in the streetwear community, is seen wearing them on a regular basis. It goes to show that the sneaker is universally loved, not just by those involved in the streetwear culture.

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Here are the Caps to Kicks Top 10 Air Jordan 1 colorways.

#10 Air Jordan 1 High Zoom Fearless

Style ID: BV0006 900 Colorway: Multi-Color/ Black-Lucky Green-Game Red Retail Price: $175 Release Date: December 07, 2019 Avg Resale Price: $182 This sneaker starts off the list with a flash of brilliance. The reflective nature of the sneaker that displays a wide color spectrum is one of our favorite designs. Be Fearless. The High Zoom Fearless is actually still available in some retailers like Shiekh.

#9 Air Jordan 1 ‘Game Royal’

Style ID: 555088 403 Colorway: Game Royal/ Black-Summit White Retail Price: $160 Release Date: July 18, 2018 Avg Resale Price: $288 The color blocking on this Air Jordan 1 resembles that of the Chicago release from 1985. It definitely pays homage to the icon that came before it but contrasting the color with ‘Game Royal’. There is no doubt that this one was made for the people. A safe no brainer is universally loved. A colorway that even Royalty would love.

#8 Air Jordan 1 ‘Chicago’

Style ID: 555088 101 Colorway: White/ Varsity Red-Black Retail Price: $160 Release Date: May 30, 2015 Avg Resale Price: $778 These Air Jordan 1’s are full of story and character. Back when the Air Jordan 1 made its debut in 1985, the original colorway of black and red was banned by the NBA and led to hefty fines every time that Michael Jordan wore them. The following silhouettes consisted of a league approved white color palette. Thus the Air Jordan 1 ‘Chicago’ was born. A classic from the start and continues to be so to this day.

#7 Air Jordan 1 ‘Gold Toe’

Style ID: 861482 007 Colorway: Black/ Metallic Gold-Summit White Retail Price: $160 Release Date: February 10, 2018 Avg Resale Price: $356 The ‘Gold Toe’ is one of the more classier and higher end looks that you’ll get with the Air Jordan 1 silhouette. The gold and black colorway gives this sneaker a very fancy style to it that will compliment clean cut outfits. Go for Gold.

#6 Air Jordan 1 ‘Bred Toe’

Style ID: 555088 610 Colorway: Gym Red/ Black-Summit White Retail Price: $160 Release Date: February 24, 2018 Avg Resale Price: $431 These sneakers have an interesting story as well as an interesting design. The ‘Bred Toe’ are actually a combination of 3 iconic Air Jordan 1 colorways, one of which made the our top 10 list. The 3 silhouettes that were combined to make this iconic look are the ‘Bred’, ‘Black Toe’, and ‘Chicago’.

#5 Air Jordan 1 ‘NYC to Paris’

Style ID: CD6578 006 Colorway: Light Bone/ Black-Crimson Tint-Hyper Pink Retail Price: $175 Release Date: May 25, 2019 Avg Resale Price: $220 New York City and Paris, both considered to be the fashion capital of the world. Of course, we’d have to include these sneakers in our list. The color changing design that is exposed after wear and tear is almost as if the sneaker is given a second life. A completely different colorway that is revealed after the first, makes it one of the most intricately designed Air Jordan 1 silhouettes that we’ve witnessed.

However, it is not widely loved in the public eye for some reason. But we don’t care, we love them. We don’t base our decisions based on other people’s preferences because that’s boring. We like to mix it up a little. These sneakers have also made an appearance in our Coldplay article because they were worn by lead singer, Chris Martin. Check out the pictures here.

#4 Air Jordan 1 ‘Origin Story’

Style ID: 555088 602 Colorway: Gym Red/ Black-White-Photo Blue Retail Price: $160 Release Date: December 14, 2018 Avg Resale Price: $379 One of the most nostalgic silhouettes that isn’t basketball related comes at the expense of none other than Spiderman. The feeling of nostalgia is derived from the childhood hero that many of us grew up with before the superhero culture was taken over by Marvel Studios. They are eerily similar to the ‘Chicago’ edition but these ‘Origin Story’ sneakers have a textured body and a translucent sole. Super style for the super hero in all of us.

#3 Air Jordan 1 ‘Rookie of the Year’

Style ID: 555088 700 Colorway: Golden Harvest/ Black-Sail Retail Price: $160 Release Date: November 17, 2018 Avg Resale Price: $265 Great story, great look. That is exactly what you get with the ‘Rookie of the Year’ Air Jordan 1. It all started in 1985. This new kid called Michael Jordan rocked the NBA scene and earned himself the NBA Rookie of the Year honors. When he received the award, he was wearing a tan suit with black features and it led to the inspiration of this silhouette. Inside the side flaps are the statistics that helped him earn the ROY that year. These are my personal favorites. Award winning style.

#2 Air Jordan 1 X Union LA ‘Blue Toe’

Style ID: BV1300 146 Colorway: White/Storm Blue-Varsity Red-Black Retail Price: $190 Release Date: November 17, 2018 Avg Resale Price: $1,086 One of the rawest Air Jordan 1 designs without a doubt. These sneakers look like they have been hand made for you because of their stitched upper. Capture the essence of LA and Jordan with these sneakers.

#1 Air Jordan 1 Off-White ‘UNC’ & ‘Chicago’

‘Chicago’ & ‘UNC’ Style ID: AA3834 101 & AQ0818 148 Colorway: White/Black-Varsity Red & White/ Dark Powder Blue-Cone Retail Price: $190 Release Date: September 09, 2017 & June 23, 2018 Avg Resale Price: $3,431 & $1,223 Could there really have been another #1? It had to be these. Any sneakerhead’s lifetime goal should be to one day own a pair of these sneakers. For most of us that dream will never come true but the odds never phased Michael Jordan so we can keep hoping for our time to come. Sooner rather than later would be ideal though.

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