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Air Jordan 13 ‘Chinese New Year’: New Year, New Style

The History

The Air Jordan 13 keeps up with the annual tradition of bringing new colorways in honor of the Chinese New Year. They look for inspiration in the festivities and the traditions of this special holiday for many around the world. But keeping with tradition, it keeps the same iconic midsole that has made the Air Jordan 13 such a popular and unique sneaker. The midsole was originally inspired by the nickname that Michael Jordan was given in 1997, the ‘Black Cat’. Made to resemble the paws of a panther, the midsole sports rounded features to give traction and comfort.

Air Jordan 13 'Chinese New Year' side by side with a white background

The Style

The Air Jordan 13 ‘Chinese New Year’ features dicative graphics that captures the essence of Chinese New Year. There is so much going on with this sneaker, from its patterned body and its intriguing colorway. Pale Ivory makes up the body while a soft Club Gold rounds out the midsole. All that is contrasted by the Digital Pink on the bottom sole giving it that extra pop. Suede surrounds the sneaker to give it a classy and clean finish. Even if it will be a hard sneaker to maintain clean, the style makes up for all the extra work that this sneaker demands.

The Reason

Any addition to the Chinese New Year collection is a worthwhile sneaker to be buying. The contrasting colorway adds another reason to seriously consider buying the Air Jordan 13 ‘Chinese New Year’. Ultimately, this sneaker is a great looking sneaker, the only thing that I would say is questionable about it is the Digital Pink that is mixed in there. I think it works well with the Pale Ivory and the Club Gold. The Digital Pink is just soft enough to not over power the two primary colors. But, personally I think the sneaker could have made do without it. That is just me however, I would still consider it a great buy.

Air Jordan 13 'Chinese New Year' with cement background

The Retailers

Many retailers nationwide will be carrying the sneakers. There is not too much hype surrounding the sneaker as of now but that could quickly change throughout the release date. Most likely, people should not have a hard time copping a pair of the Air Jordan 13 ‘Chinese New Year’ but why wait to get in on the fun. But consider buying from a retailer that utilizes Affirm payment plans, like Shiekh.

The Rundown

It definitely isn’t my favorite sneaker but it isn’t one of my least favorites either. With a colorway that catches anyone’s eye, it demands everyone’s attention. It’s the New Year, try something new, be out there, take a few risks. The Air Jordan 13 ‘Chinese New Year’ will not let you down if you’re looking to stand out. Join in on the festivities and cop a pair of these sneakers today!

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