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Air Jordan 6 Retro ‘Washed Denim’

The History

The Air Jordan 6 Retro was the shoe that Michael Jordan wore when he won his first NBA Finals MVP Award in 1991. It was the beginning of a decade that was defined by his legendary performances and absolute dominance in the NBA.

Michael Jordan wearing the Air Jordan 6 Retro in 1991 NBA Finals

5 Jun 1991: Michael Jordan #23 of the Chicago Bulls moves with the ball during game two of the NBA Finals. The Bulls defeated the Lakers 107-86. Mandatory Credit: Allsport /Allsport

The Style

The Air Jordan 6 Retro ‘Washed Denim’ continues in the legacy of innovative and enticing releases that has made the Jordan 6 line so popular. When you look at it, you recognize its iconic design but the textured look of it makes it that much more interesting. It incorporates a two toned denim colorway that adds depth and character. Even the Jordan leather emblem on the shoe laces is a perfect complement to the rugged style that it definitely displays at full effect.

Air Jordan 6 Retro 'Denim Wash' worn on ledge

The Retailers

The Air Jordan 6 Retro ‘Washed Denim’ was released on December 28, 2019. Many retailers, such as Shiekh, still have inventory available. Shiekh even offers the shoe with Affirm, which means that you’ll be able to finance the purchase for as low as 3 monthly payments of $67.

Air Jordan 6 Retro 'Denim Wash' highlighting leather Jordan patch

The Reason

Denim is always an eye catching style that is sure to elevate any outfit. It looks rugged but sophisticated making it the perfect sneaker for a night out. I will say that it definitely won’t look great on the court but I think this basketball shoe makes a bigger impact on the sideline. They are one of my personal favorites and it is a complete mystery to me as to why they haven’t seemed to be selling that well.

Air Jordan 6 Retro 'Denim Wash' displayed in front of navy background

The Rundown

Get this shoe. To me, it is one of the most well thought out colorways in the Air Jordan 6 Retro line. The Affirm feature on many retailers, like Shiekh, makes it a shoe to definitely consider adding to your collection. This sneaker is definitely one of the most overlooked releases of 2019.

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