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Air Jordan 9 Retro ‘Racer Blue’: Flash Finish


Style ID: CT8019 024

Release Date: January 25, 2020

Colorway: Black/ White- Racer Blue

The History

The 9th installment of the iconic Air Jordan Retro collection. The Air Jordan 9 Retro took a different approach in its design by making a more simple and sleek body that made it easier for the average consumer to fall in love with. Even with its more simple design, it oozes soul and character. The Air Jordan 9 Retro is a classic and a fan favorite because of versatility in being a great basketball sneaker but also a very fashionable sneaker. It lends itself to the average consumer by not being too loud in its design, meaning that it is a great sneaker to elevate anyone’s outfit. Everyone should take advantage of any chance that they get to acquire a piece of history that comes with Air Jordan 9 Retro.

The Style

The Air Jordan 9 Retro ‘Racer Blue’ incorporates an amazing colorway that is sure to catch anyone’s eye. A simple black and white main colorway is elevated with it’s 3M Iridescent side finish. In low light the sneaker is a clean black and white colorway. But, when light hits the sneaker it displays a spectrum of colors. The Air Jordan 9 Retro ‘Racer Blue’ is transformed into a dazzling sneaker that will make anyone stand out. Even though the Iridescent finish is loud, it is definitely not off-putting. It provides enough flare but it does its best at being subtle about it with a nice simple body.

The Retailers

These sneakers will be available in most major retailers nationwide. A convenient feature that will be available at some of these retailers is the Affirm payment plans. Shiekh in particular offers Affirm payment plans for many of their items, making it a lot easier for the consumer to be able to look fresh while paying less. The Air Jordan 9 Retro ‘Racer Blue’ will be hitting the market on January 25, 2020. The sneakers don’t appear to be having too much hype around them so there most likely won’t be a shortage of them in the market. But I always say the sooner the better when it comes to releases like these.

Air Jordan 9 Retro 'Racer Blue' on cement background

The Reason

I love how they look with and without light. Without light, it is a classy and clean sneaker. But with light they become a lit up sneaker with soul and character. I believe that it is really going to be a hit or miss with these sneakers because of the 3M finish but I think more people are going to love it than not. Why not throw a little flash and flare in your collection. The whole culture around sneakerheads is built on the unique and edgy so why not embrace it? Think of all the time you’ve gone with the flow but never swam against the current. Take a chance and experiment what’s your true style.

The Rundown

The Air Jordan 9 Retro ‘Racer Blue’ will be available on January 25, 2020. Be sure to grab yours before it’s too late. They will be hitting retailers at the price of $189.99 so make sure that you take advantage of retailers that incorporate Affirm payment plans like Shiekh. Be quick to grab the Air Jordan 9 Retro ‘Racer Blue’ because they are sure to be gone in a flash!

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