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Beyonce can definitely be dubbed as the hardest working woman in show biz. And as they say, hard work pays off, which is an understatement with the overnight success of her new surprise album.

Bey’s self-titled, 14-track album secretly debuted when the clock struck midnight on Friday along with 17 music videos. Since its world premiere, the album has sold over 825,000 units, hailing as iTunes fastest selling album of all-time. Bey is also number 1 on the iTunes charts in over 110 countries. So love her or hate her, she’s definitely ruling the music biz on all levels.

While the literal overnight success of the album is creating a whole lot of buzz and breaking plenty of records, what is sparking more of a conversation is the sexually explicit content of many of Bey’s new tracks.

While we definitely won’t take the time to spell out some of the risqué lyrics, we want to know what you think of Mrs. Carter turning up the sexy–for lack of a better word–on her latest album. Sound off below!

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