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Billionaire Boys Club: Out of this World Style

One of the most predominant brands in the streetwear game, Billionaire Boys Club has established a reputation of developing fresh styles on a consistent basis. Time and time again they have been delivering great apparel. Even though they have a wide fan base, they are still widely overlooked. Their catalog and brand should be among the giants in the streetwear market like Supreme.

Most of their products are absolute must-haves but we have highlighted a few from a catalog on Karmaloop. What makes these selections special and unique is that they all revolve around an outer space theme. What could be better than out of this world style?

Available at Karmaloop for $315

The Jacket

The Destination Jacket in Holiday by Billionaire Boys Club is my absolute favorite from the collection and maybe even all jackets everywhere. This bomber comes in an aqua green color with a peach inside that works perfectly together. The inside cushion makes it one of the most comfortable jackets that I have ever owned. It is breathable which is very surprising because bombers tend to have a problem in this area. You can’t go wrong with this jacket. Check it out and decide for yourself but I know you won’t be disappointed.

Available at Karmaloop for $70

The Shirt

The Interplanetary Long Sleeve Tee in Black by Billionaire Boys Club is another great item from the brand. Black is always going to be an easy choice but the back design of this shirt is what separates it from a good shirt to a great shirt. I will admit that the design is a bit random but that’s what makes me love it so much. The design isn’t too loud and unique enough to really work well with many outfits.

Available at Karmaloop for $130

The Sweatpants

The Comfy Sweatpants in Black is the most simple item in this selection but it has the makings of a classic. The simple design and the comfort of the sweatpants makes it an easy buy. Everything works well together and there isn’t much more you can ask for when it comes to sweatpants. Billionaire Boys Club kept it simple and focused on comfort which definitely paid off for them.

The Logos Hat in White from Billionaire Boys Club available at Karmaloop

Available at Karmaloop for $45

The Hat

The Logos Hat in White is the perfect accessory to go with the colorway of the Destination Jacket. It even provides great contrast to the Interplanetary shirt and the Comfy sweatpants. With the three astronaut logo on the hat, it is clean and simple.

The Rundown

You can’t go wrong with an outer space theme but Billionaire Boys Club elevates it to a whole other level. Combination fashion and exploration to develop inspiring styles that are out of this world. Explore new frontiers in style and be equipped to handle anything that comes your way. Look good and feel even better. Even if you are hesitant because of the price we have the perfect solution for you. Affirm payment plans are available at Karmaloop which can make all these purchases a lot lighter on your wallet. If these aren’t your style then you can head over to Karmaloop and shop from their huge Billionaire Boys Club selection. How will you make your mark on this planet?

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