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Camouflaged to Stand Out


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Who knew printed fabric designed for military personnel at the dawn of World War II would eventually make its way into civilian wardrobe and remain a fashion staple?  Unlike soldiers on the battlefield who wore camouflage to decrease their visibility to enemy forces, trendsetters today wear camo to make a statement and stand out in a crowd.  Looking back at fashion history, camouflage is one of those trends that’s never truly goes out of style, with incarnations of the print popping up season after season.  While camouflage has typically been popular in menswear collections, women are now embracing the print and spicing it up in their own unique ways.  As the most searched term on Karmaloop, they’ve made it easy for you to shop your favorite camouflage pieces for spring and summer.  


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As a response to the Vietnam War in the 1960s, camouflage seeped into the mainstream via the counterculture appropriation of military clothing as streetwear.  It later made a comeback in the 80s and again in the 90s.  By this time, camouflage patterns were designed specifically for the civilian market.  Not only could you buy a traditional camo tee and cargo pants; high-end designers were now creating jackets, skirts, accessories, and many more pieces with the military inspired print.

Incorporating camo into your looks can add a bit of edge to muted tones, neutrals, and minimalist lines that are prevalent in fashion right now.  Actually, one could argue that because of the classic green/brown palette, camouflage is a neutral itself.  The blend of earthtones makes it easy to work into a wide range of everyday looks.  All it takes is a piece of camo to take your basics from work to weekend. Don’t forget, a little print goes a long way, so a camouflage accessory may be all you need to accentuate your look.   

Head to to shop their collection of stand-out camouflage pieces!

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Let's set the week off right with a little camo banger from 10 Deep. Pick up the Stateless Hoodie and Straight Razor Snapback from the #10Deep collection on!

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Faded Royalty – $32


BBC – $88


Rotcho – $38


HUF – $14


G-Shock – $150

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