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Champion: A Comeback Kid

The Downfall

Champion has a long history that started way back in 1919. Their path to get to where they are today wasn’t always smooth. The early 2000’s saw the company struggle to adapt to the ever-changing streetwear style. Many weren’t a fan of the gear because they seemed to lack innovation. They relied heavily on just updating colorways on their original products which became stale in the eyes of the consumer. Champion was fading quickly and it seemed like they were on their last legs.

But the reason for their downfall was also their reason for their comeback. The only place they seemed to be selling clothes 5 years ago was at your local Walmart at what appeared to be a wholesale price. Of course, it was the same style that many had grown accustomed to back in the early 2000’s. But this time it was different. There had been a shift in the streetwear culture and people started to vintage styles. This is when Champion took off. They were known to keep their styles traditional and this fit right into the whole vintage theme that everyone was searching for.

The Rise… Again

Champions Long Sleeve Crew Available at Karmaloop for $39.99 Champion Super Fleece Faux Fur Jacket Available at Karmaloop for $89.99

All the major retailers scrambled to get as much product as they could. At that point Champion didn’t have the infrastructure that it once did so there was huge demand but almost no product. With all the money coming in for orders they were able to expand their catalog and correct the mistakes they made decades ago. They evolved. They innovated and adapted to conform with the streetwear culture. Yes they kept their original styles but they designed many fresh looks with the perfect blend of vintage and new. –

Champion Heritage Long Sleeve Tee Available at Karmaloop for $39.99 Champion Faux Fur Pullover Hoodie Available at Karmaloop for $79.99

Nostalgia seemed to be their greatest force at the start and now that seems to be blended with a genuine anticipation for their fresh new styles. This time Champion is here to stay. They learned from their mistakes and are hitting on all cylinders at the moment. It is the perfect comeback story. Don’t believe me? Check out their newest looks on Shiekh and Karmaloop.

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