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Dodgers Making Moves: 2020 World Series?

The Los Angeles Dodgers made big headlines over the last few days. They were part of the Blockbuster trade that took over the baseball world. Going into the new year, all Dodger fans were very unhappy with their executives. Everyone knows that the Dodgers have deep pockets so it was a mystery as to why they didn’t land a single big name free agent. Dodger fans had to look on while team after team announced their big free agent signing. And to make things worse, the biggest winners of the free agent market went to their cross-town and cross-country foes, the Los Angeles Angels and the New York Yankees. The New York Yankees won big by signing, Dodgers’ top priority, Gerrit Cole. Then by the time that the Dodgers were trying to shift their focus on Anthony Rendon, the Angels had already signed him.

LA or NYC?

There are many theories as to why it played out the way it did but that didn’t stop the Dodger fans from calling out their team. A powerhouse team that never wins in the big games. Of course the fans were frustrated, especially after the heart-breaking endings from the past three seasons. But I don’t necessarily believe that the Dodgers’ executives had too much fault. The President of Baseball of Operations, Andrew Friedman, in particular was called out since he basically acts as the team’s General Manager. In interviews with both free agents, they brushed off the Dodgers. It seemed as if the Dodgers were only in the back of their heads. Gerrit Cole talked about joining the Angels during the 2019 season and it seemed like a great fit for both of them.

But once he became a free agent, his interest seemed to lie elsewhere, and that elsewhere meant wherever the money was. He quickly became more interested in both the Yankees and the Dodgers, going to meetings and entertaining both teams. Now it seems as though he only used the Dodgers as a way to get more money out of the Yankees. And it definitely worked. He signed on for $324 million over 9 years. His contract has the largest annual average value in the MLB at $36 million a year.

Rumors have it that once Gerrit Cole received an offer from the Dodgers at around $300 million, he informed the Yankees who countered with a revised offer to top the Dodgers. However, Cole never informed the Dodgers about the Yankeee’ offer so he never gave them a chance to counter. He never wanted to play in Los Angeles, but he did play them to get more money.

LA Lifestyle Not For Everyone?

Then came Anthony Rendon for the Dodgers. Someone who most people thought of as a guarantee to go to the Dodgers, especially after the Yankees had cashed out with Gerrit Cole. But only hours after the Cole-Yankee deal was finalized, the Angels and Rendon had come to an agreement for $245 million over 7 years. In interviews with Rendon, he was much more forward about his feelings for the Dodgers. His reasoning for not choosing the Dodgers was because of the LA lifestyle that everyone knows all too well. Rendon has always been on the more conservative side and his style of play definitely shadows that as well.

He has the talent of a superstar but his personality can be described best as simply shy. Rarely does he exude emotion during a game, even after delivering in clutch moments. Los Angeles, where ball players have made a career off of personality instead of talent, would not have been a good fit for him and he was well aware of that. Orange County, on the other hand, was a perfect landing spot for him. It makes perfect sense now looking back at how it all played out. The Angels have been known for going after big name position players instead of pitchers so that definitely lined up. And Orange County is the perfect place to make big money without all the hoopla form big cities like Los Angeles. It was a match made in heaven, that’s how Anthony Rendon became part of the Angels.

What Now?

The free agent signing frenzy was over. The market was depleted of the talent it once had. Dodgers had walked away empty handed but a pocket full of money. And that’s how Andrew Friedman loves it. Ever since he’s been the President of Baseball Operations for the Dodgers, he has yet to make any big free agent signing. Instead he loves to work with contract extensions and trades. Which is exactly what went down again.

Blockbuster Trade

Reports of the Los Angeles Dodgers acquiring both Mookie Betts and David Price from the Boston Red Sox came out on Tuesday afternoon. This trade turned what would have been a very disappointing off-season for the Dodgers, into a very exciting one. There is new hope in the Dodger organization. It was a great deal and it puts them as heavy favorites to win the World Series next year, only behind the Yankees.

Mookie Betts will add to an already stacked lineup. David Price will look to add more stability in the starting rotation. Now the Dodgers have 3 MVP winners on their current roster: Cody Bellinger, Mookie Betts, and Clayton Kershaw. Watch out for them next year because they’re looking to avenge their previous 2 World Series losses in 2017 & 2018. There have been confirmed reports that the winning teams stole signs in the World Series games.

Dodgers: 2020 World Series Champs

My prediction is that the Dodgers will win the 2020 World Series. Their lineup and ability to make more moves before the trade deadline will make them the team to beat. But if you’re still convinced that the New York Yankees will win then you’re still in luck. Shiekh and Karmaloop offer Mitchell & Ness and Starter apparel in both teams. Even if you think that the Houston Astros can actually win without cheating, you’re in luck because they have Astros gear too.

Who did Gerrit Cole sign with?

He signed with the New York Yankees.

How much is Gerrit Cole’s contract worth?

Gerrit Cole’s contract is worth $324 million over 9 years.

Who did Anthony Rendon sign with?

Anthony Rendon sign with the Los Angeles Angels.

How much is Anthony Rendon’s contract worth?

His contract is worth $245 million over 7 years.

Why didn’t anyone choose the Dodgers?

The Los Angeles lifestyle seemed to scare big name free agents.

Who did the Dodgers trade for?

The Dodgers received Mookie Betts and David Price from the Boston Red Sox via trade.

Who will win the 2020 World Series?

Vegas has chosen the New York Yankees as the favorites to win it all. My personal prediction is that the Dodgers will win the 2020 World Series.

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