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Head to Head: Air Jordan 1 ‘NC to Chicago’ or ‘Pine Green’

The Air Jordan 1 is an iconic silhouette that really encapsulates the Jordan spirit. It is a simple sneaker with a lot of soul. That’s what makes it such a universally loved sneaker. However, different colorways can make or break a sneaker. And, yes that also includes the Air Jordan 1.

In February 2020, Jordan came out with two colorways in the Air Jordan 1 silhouette. The first one was an all women release that focused on the roots. The other will be released on Leap Day in a classy simple colorway. But which one was the better head to head release? Both are very solid releases in their own right but one definitely stands out above the other to us.

Air Jordan 1 ‘NC to Chicago’

The Air Jordan 1 ‘NC to Chicago’ came out on Valentine’s Day and it was released in a women’s size run. Even though it was released as a women’s sneaker, no one really believed them. It seemed to be a weak attempt at introducing more streetwear to women but everyone knew that they were targeted for men. The size run went all the way to a women’s 18 which seems to be a men’s size run because of how big that is in women’s sizing. But, anyways, that’s a story for another time.

The ‘NC to Chicago’ does a lot of things right in its design. The combination of two of the most iconic colorways really gives it a lot of street credit. Then the blue and red mix offset each other perfectly. The sneaker has soul and history which makes it a great Air Jordan 1 release. There was a significant amount of hype for this sneaker but they were available throughout the day. The reason I think they didn’t sell out instantly was because some men were scared off by Jordan labeling it as a women’s sneaker. Personally, I’m not one for passing on sneakers just because they are labelled as women but to each their own.

Air Jordan 1 ‘Pine Green’

The Air Jordan 1 ‘Pine Green’ takes a more simple approach by just putting out a nice colorway. The black and green works really well together and the white midsole offsets both those colors great. There seems to be a significant amount of hype around the sneaker because some stores are doing raffles for it. ‘Pine Green’ should be gone within the first few hours of the release.

Better Release?

The ‘Pine Green’ release gives us a simple and nice colorway but I’ll always go for the one that comes with a little bit of history. Head to head, the ‘NC to Chicago’ brought great style and history so it’s an easy winner. The ‘Pine Green’ will still be a strong release and it might even outperform the ‘NC to Chicago’ release but the better style definitely belongs to the ‘NC to Chicago’. An honorable mention goes to the Air Jordan 1 ‘Varsity Red’ for a great colorway and great history. It was obviously the more popular of the three releases but that had more to do with what the sneaker symbolized, rather than the style. In all honesty, I still like the ‘NC to Chicago’ more than the ‘Varsity Red’ but I get why everyone prefers the ‘Varsity Red’ release.

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