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Heels for the Holidays

We’re just one week into December and holiday celebrations have already begun!  Now that you’ve decided on the cocktail dresses you’ll be show-stopping in, it’s time to find the perfect pair of heels to complete your ensemble!  After all, shoes tie your look together and allow you to make a statement when you walk into the room.  Here we’ll cover the top three trends when it comest to selecting proper heels for your upcoming holiday parties.  We’ve even selected a few pairs for you to choose from at



Another hot trend for the holidays is an update on the ankle-strap.  While minimalistic, the ankle-strap detail can be accented with unique hardware or bold colors and prints, adding originality to your ensemble.  The modern ankle-strap brings versatility and a touch of class to your looks.  Ladies with a little more height, may want to go with a low heel and an oval shaped strap.  This shape will take off a few inches from your lengthy legs and make you appear not as tall.  If you have thicker legs, opt for thin ankle-straps to remove some of the bulk.  Get these looks here: Silver Jeweled Ankle-Strap, Red Fur Ankle-Strap, Emerald Green Ankle Strap


While studded shoes aren’t exactly a new trend for 2015, they’ve definitely made their mark as a fashion staple in recent years.  Studs are a simple detail that will add a rock and roll edge to your style, without looking too punk. Again, if you opt for a heavily studded heel, be sure to keep your outfit simple and understated to let the shoes do all the talking.  Get these looks here: Red Studded, Gold Studded, Black Studded

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