How and Where to Buy the Travis Scott Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Cactus Jack’

Style ID: CT5053 001 Colorway: Black/Black-Parachute Beige-Petra Brown Retail Price: $150 Release Date: February 29, 2020 Avg Resale Price: $1,019 Well in case you missed it the Travis Scott Nike SB Dunk Low were given a surprise release on February 22, 2020 and they sold out. But, they will still be released on February 29, 2020, their scheduled release date.

Travis Scott announced in his twitter that the sneakers will not be released on the Nike SNKRS site. Instead they were released exclusively on which they were. For the time being, it seems as though there will be no more online inventory. But there could definitely be a sneaker drop online on February 29, 2020. Right now it seems as though there will only be a release in stores at select skateboarding shops around the globe.

The Travis Scott Nike SB Dunk Low features a lot of designs that make this sneaker so unique. The bandana-like pattern is present throughout the body of the sneaker, and is the most colorful pattern present. Then we see a simple brown plaid patch right in the middle of the body and behind the Nike swoosh logo.

The upper of the sneaker appears to be a soft brown suede that also is featured on the heel of the sneaker. But on the heel, there is a Cactus Jack like font text that is layered over. It is a nice little distinctive feature. The shoe laces also appear to be rugged and rough giving the appearance of rope. These sneakers stay true to the Cactus Jack theme of western desert.

Cactus Jack
Cactus Jack logo
Outer and Inner Profile

How and Where to Buy Them

Even if you’re not a big Travis Scott fan, these sneakers carry an iconic collaboration and great design with a lot of soul. The sneakers are already going for a high resale price point on StockX so that should tell you something about what they mean to people.

When will the Travis Scott Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Cactus Jack’ be released?

They were released on February 22, 2020 on Travis Scott’s personal website. As of February 24, 2020, they will not be released online again, not even on the Nike SNKRS app. They will be released in-store on February 29, 2020.

What is the resale value of this sneaker?

The average resale value of this sneaker is $1,019 but that is expected to drop around $100 after the in-store release date.

Where will I be able to buy the Travis Scott Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Cactus Jack’?

Below are a list of stores provided by Nike of the stores worldwide that will carry the sneakers. Please keep note that some of these stores will be holding geographical raffles. This means that for some of these stores you will not be able to buy them on the release date at the store. You will need to follow their raffle instructions in order to enter the raffle. For example, in the Xtreme Skate Shop location in California, you will need to be within a 20 mile radius to enter the raffle. Most of these stores have incorporated the use of Copdate to raffle the sneaker. The process is very similar to that of the Adidas process when they raffle off Yeezy sneakers:

Where can I find more upcoming releases?

Find new sneaker releases here on Caps2Kicks!

List of Stores That Will Have Travis Scott Nike SB Dunk Low

United States Travis Scott Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Cactus Jack’

  1. Arizona

  2. Cowtown Skateboards

  3. California

  4. 510 Skate Shop

  5. arts-rec

  6. Bill’s Wheels Skateshop

  7. Fucking Awesome

  8. Long Beach Skate Co.

  9. Furnace Skate Shop

  10. Xtreme Skate Shop

  11. Jacks Surfboards


  13. Brooklyn Projects

  14. Pawnshop Skate Co.

  15. Proof Lab Surf Shop

  16. DLX Skateshop

  17. FTC Skateboarding

  18. Overload Skateboard Shop

  19. Skate Warehouse

  20. Atlas Skateboard Store

  21. Val Surf

  22. Pacific Drive Skateboard Shop

  23. PLA Skate

  24. Supreme


  26. The Canteen

  27. Colorado

  28. 303 Boards

  29. Emage

  30. Washington, DC

  31. Crushed Skate Shop

  32. Florida

  33. Galactic G Skateshop

  34. Island Water Sports

  35. Drift House Surf Shop

  36. Plus Skateshop

  37. Post Modern

  38. Shred Shed

  39. Skatepark of Tampa

  40. Sunrise Surf & Skateboard Shop

  41. 561 Skateboarding

  42. Compound Boardshop

  43. Westside Skateshop

  44. Andrew

  45. Lucre Industries

  46. The Block Skate Supply

  47. Georgia

  48. Clockwork Skate Shop

  49. Stratosphere Skateboards

  50. Hawaii

  51. APB Skateshop

  52. Iowa

  53. Subsect

  54. Idaho

  55. Prestige Skateshop

  56. Illinois

  57. Prosper Skateboard Shop

  58. Uprise Skateshop

  59. Indiana

  60. Blacklist

  61. Kentucky

  62. Home Skate Shop

  63. Louisiana

  64. Humidity

  65. RUKUS

  66. Massachusetts

  67. Orchard Skateshop

  68. Theory Skateshop

  69. Maryland

  70. Pure Board Shop

  71. Michigan

  72. Plus Skateboarding

  73. Premier

  74. Minnesota

  75. Familia Skateboard Shop

  76. North Carolina

  77. Backdoor Skateshop

  78. Black Sheep Skate Shop

  79. Daville Skate Shop

  80. Endless Grind

  81. Mom’s Sweet Shop

  82. Permanent Vacation Skate & Surf Shop

  83. Push Skateshop

  84. Recess Ride Shop

  85. Apex Outfitter

  86. Stolen Skate Shop

  87. Nebraska

  88. SILO

  89. New Jersey

  90. NJ Skateshop

  91. Underground Skate Shop

  92. Branded Skate Shop

  93. Travel Skate Shop

  94. New York


  96. Supreme

  97. atmos

  98. Richmond Hood

  99. Common Ground

  100. Extra Butter

  101. Homegrown Skateshop

  102. KCDC

  103. Long Island City Kleaners

  104. Labor Skateboard Shop

  105. Seasons Skate Shop

  106. Renarts

  107. Bunger Sayville

  108. Ohio

  109. UNheardof

  110. West Side Skates

  111. Oregon

  112. CCS

  113. Tactics Skate Shop

  114. Pennsylvania

  115. HOMEBASE610

  116. Nocturnal Skateshop

  117. Rhode Island

  118. Civil Skateboard Shop

  119. South Carolina

  120. Bluetile Skateboards

  121. Continuum Skateshop

  122. Parrot Surf & Skate

  123. Texas

  124. no-comply

  125. Select Skate Shop

  126. Magnolia Skateshop

  127. Virginia

  128. Cardinal Skate Shop

  129. Magic Bullet Skateboards

  130. Skate Supply

  131. WRV

  132. Venue Skateboards

  133. Washington

  134. 35th Ave. Skate Shop

  135. 35th North Skate Shop

  136. Wisconsin

  137. ALUMNI

  138. MODA3

  139. Puerto Rico

  140. Toda Moda

Europe Travis Scott Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Cactus Jack’

  1. United Kingdom

  2. Supreme

  3. Slam City Skates

  4. Flatspot

  5. Welcome

  6. NOTE

  7. Consortium

  8. Kong

  9. Focus Skate Shop

  10. France

  11. Supreme

  12. Zeropolis Skateshop

  13. WallStreet

  14. Riot Skateshop

  15. OKLA Skate Shop

  16. STREETART Skateshop

  17. EMPIRE

  18. Annecy Board Shop

  19. Circle Shop

  20. Digital Skate Shop

  21. Milk Skate Café


  23. Netherlands

  24. BEN-G

  25. Belgium


  27. Luxemburg

  28. Olliewood

  29. Finland

  30. Beyond

  31. My Favorite Things

  32. Denmark

  33. Street Machine

  34. Sidewalk

  35. Sweden

  36. Streetlab

  37. Hollywood

  38. Italy

  39. Frisco

  40. A Criminal G

  41. BIGAIR

  42. RUFUS

  43. Spain

  44. Amigos Skate Shop

  45. Welcome Skateboarding

  46. RUFUS

  47. Greece


  49. Russia


  51. Switzerland

  52. 242

  53. Austria


  55. Poland


  57. miniramp

  58. Germany

  59. Civilist

  60. Bonkers

  61. Lobby

  62. Blowout