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Kappa: In Italians We Trust (With Our Style)

Kappa is no stranger to the spotlight. They are a well known brand worldwide with a strong presence in Europe. Their company was actually founded in Italy and their style is a reflection of that. The iconic logo of a woman and a man sitting back to back is stapled in the streetwear culture. With comfortable track jackets to stylish hoodies there is a look for everyone to love.

In their newest collection, they are keeping true to their most popular styles. Some new track jackets make an appearance and some tees to go with them. But make sure to check out the rest of the collection too because there are some styles that just can’t be beat. Both Karmaloop and Shiekh carry Kappa so check both sites because both of them always have great sales going on.

The Featured Products

Style ID: 304TIJ0-AAL Retail Price: $49.99 The 222 Banda 10 Cozy T-Shirt by Kappa is exactly as explained, comfy. The shirt is a simple black and white colorway but what makes this shirt unique are the patches on the sleeve. Their iconic logo showcased on these patches elevates the design of the shirt. It’s simple but definitely doesn’t get lost in a crowd.

Style ID: 304IDA0-A0M Retail Price: $124.99 The 222 Banda Bakit Anorak Jacket by Kappa comes with great style without being too loud. The raised neckline with the quarter-zipper gives the jacket a nice turtleneck look. Then the kangaroo pocket pouch gives the jacket some dimension by giving a cut at the chest. The elastic wristband and waistband also cuts out extra material in order to give the appearance of a slimmed down look. Lastly, there is a stitched Kappa band on each shoulder to give the appearance of squared and stoic shoulders.

Style ID: 303LP60-A64 Retail Price: $99.99 The 222 Banda Merez Slim Track Jacket by Kappa is a traditional Kappa product that stays true to its roots. There are some interesting shoulder color panes that give some contrast to make the track jacket stand out. The Kappa logo is displayed on the arm with the patch going all the way down the arm length. It’s a very traditional Kappa track jacket with some small features that separate from those that have come before it.

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