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Men’s New Year’s Eve Style Guide

Once holiday season is here, there is definitely no shortage of get-togethers, mixers, and parties.  In the end, New Year’s Eve caps off the party season with the ultimate bang.  Whether you enjoy styling yourself for the everyday, or you prefer to make your public appearances in sweatpants and tees, New Year’s Eve is all about looking your best!  Different occasions call for different looks, each with their proper dress codes.  If you can’t figure out what to wear, we’ve got you covered with these tips on dressing just right for New Year’s Eve.  You can also click on the shoes below to get your own pair from our sister site,

Black Tie Affair

  1. Wear a black or midnight blue tuxedo jacket with a single or double-breasted lapel.

  2. Black or white button down shirt.

  3. Cufflinks can add a classic touch that can showcase your personal style.

  4. A black tie is simplest, however you can spice up your look with bold prints, textures, and colors.

  5. Same goes for pocket squares.

black tie


Ben Sherman: Luke Black Oxford Oxford


JD FISK: Marc Black Leather Oxford   

VIP Nightclub Guest

  1. First and foremost check the nightclub’s website for their official dress code.  It will most likely be strictly enforced on NYE.

  2. Go classic with a nice button down dress shirt.

  3. Accessorize a bit with jewelry, a stylish scarf, colorful socks, or a trendy hat (if allowed).

  4. If acceptable, dark denim paired with a unique blazer are classic go-to’s for a night out.

  5. Keep it simple by wearing one statement piece


Toms for Men: Brogue Grey Chambray


WESC for Men: Brogue Blucher Black

Laidback Lounge 

  1. Lounges allow you to combine comfort and style.

  2. Have fun by mixing textures and patterns paired with layering.

  3. Again, check with the lounge, but dress shoes are most likely still required.

  4. You can skip on a dress shirt and opt for a cool t-shirt accessorized with a necklace or scarf.

  5. Don’t need to be too flashy at a lounge as most guests there are anticipating a low-key, mellow night.



Ben Sherman: Gentlemen Dark Brown


Ben Sherman: Parsons Tan Brown Leather Oxford

House Party or Neighborhood Bar

  1. Lucky for you there’s no dress code, but why not make it special?!

  2. Comfort doesn’t need to be boring, go bold with a unique accessory.

  3. Let your feet do the talking with a pair of statement shoes.

  4. Rather than a blazer, chunky knitted sweaters can keep you warm and comfy.



JD Fisk: Valto Chocolate Boot


Toms for Men: Paseo Mid Black White Caviar Leather Sneaker

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