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New Vans: Same Classics

Vans have never really been one to innovate or rock the boat when it comes to new releases. They build and build on their great designs. Adjusting minor things on their silhouettes to make them a bit more unique than the previous releases. And I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. Vans has a huge reputation for their classic style. If you’re good at something, why not keep doing what you’re doing? From the latest catalog that they released we handpicked two sneakers that we believe really captures the essence of what Vans is about.

The SK-8 Hi In Multi by Vans

Style ID: VN0A4U3CWNA Colorway: (Sport) Multi/True White Retail Price: $64.99 The Sk8-Hi line is a classic silhouette from Vans and has been for quite a while. They are one of the more attractive Vans and their high top finish allows for some interesting colorways. This Sk8-Hi in Multi in particular takes advantage of the white midsole. Instead of going with the famous all white midsole that Vans are so famous for, they decided to take advantage of all the empty space. On the midsole they showcased their logo and their ‘Off the Wall’ slogan. It’s a nice small detail that really enhances the sneaker and makes it just unique enough to separate it from the rest.

The Patchwork Era in Multi by Vans

Style ID: VN0A4BV401R Colorway: Leopard/Snake Retail Price: $64.99 The Patchwork Era in Multi from Vans showcases their more creative side. With different animal prints all around the sneaker, this one is sure to catch anyone’s eye. But the all white midsole keeps the ties to the classics by Vans. To add to the uniqueness of the sneaker, both the left and right sneaker has different patterns. They have contrasting colors and patterns that really make the pair standout. Both the left and the right demand your attention.

Where can I shop the new Vans collection?

You can find these Vans classics on Karmaloop. Make sure to take advantage of their Affirm payment plans as well!

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