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Nike Air Foamposite One ‘Lava’: One Hot Sneaker

The History

The Nike Foamposite line has been regarded by many as the best basketball shoe to play in. They provide unbeatable protection that comes from a firm body. And, perhaps the most important characteristic that leads to elite performance, the solid grip that the sole instills is matched by no other. When you’re on the court it’s important to ensure that the only thing on your mind is how you’re going to get the win, not if your shoes are going to slip.

Nike Air Foamposite One 'Lava' being displayed in a black background with a spotlight.

The Style

The Nike Air Foamposite One ‘Lava’ combines a simple colorway with the simple design that the Foamposites carry. Both the colorway and design compliment each other though because it gives the sneaker great flow. The Foamposites essentially utilize a one layer body that wraps around the entire shoe. Combine that with a classic ‘Bred’ colorway and you get a beautifully simple sneaker. Where the Nike Air Foamposite One ‘Lava’ elevates its style is with the textured black & red print on the body. It’s also where the sneaker gets its street name ‘Lava’. The black print on the red body gives the appearance of lava flowing through the cracks of a volcano. The iconic waves on the Foamposite body plus the textured Bred print blissfully intertwine for a seemingly effortless stunning design.

The Retailers

Many retailers will be carrying this sneaker nationwide, Shiekh among them. With the steep price of $229.99, it is crucial to find a retailer that offers the Affirm payment plans. This sneaker will be dropping on January 19, 2020. Make sure to check it out and get a closer look at these Foamposites to see if you’re ready to step up and ball out.

Shiekh Nike Air Foamposite One 'Lava' photographed in double.

The Reason

The Nike Air Foamposite One ‘Lava’ will most likely be a sneaker that you will be struggling to find due to its limited demographic and steep price. The main demographic for these sneakers will probably be sneakerheads and basketball players which leaves out the general consumer. But if you were to ever get a casual Foamposite then this would be that sneaker that would fulfill that need. Not the most versatile sneaker either, when it comes to picking out an outfit that compliments it. However with the right outfit, you’re going to be looking like an 15th man on an NBA roster who hasn’t seen any playing time but collects the check just like the superstars on the team.

The Rundown

Bred colorway, need I say more? Showing up with these sneakers on any court will guarantee you a win. Well maybe not, but at least you’ll be the freshest one out there when you’re getting schooled by that 12 year old at the park that you keep telling you could have been playing D1 college basketball if you hadn’t blown out your knee in high school. With these sneakers on, you won’t have to worry about losing your style but these sneakers can do nothing about that 12 year old taking your dignity on the court.

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