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Nike Black History Month Releases

Nike has always been on the forefront for progressive movements when it comes to race. And Nike really expressed that in their most recent Black History Month collection. Their most controversial decision has probably been the signing of Colin Kaepernick as a spokesperson for the company. It was met by uproars by some Americans, followed by a social media trend of burning Nike products.

The whole Colin Kaepernick controversy arose when he started taking a knee during the national anthem. He started a movement that many around the league and the world followed. It was meant as a peaceful protest but was somehow interpreted as crossing the line and disrespectful. But Nike was unfazed and paid his salary in secret while he was jobless since no NFL team wanted to sign him.

When they finally announced that they were supporting Colin Kaepernick, that’s when all the hate spewed out. But after the initial uproar by some Americans, most Americans went on to appreciate the company even more because of the support they showed to the African American community.

We know that there is so much more wonderful history of African Americans fighting for equality and memorable achievements but it would take us years to list them all. We specifically choose this story because of the connection to the Nike company which is one of our focuses for this blog.

To celebrate Black History Month they decided to dedicate a few releases in the month of February. Their designs are inspired by the hardships and achievements of African Americans. Two of these sneakers really caught our eye as the most stylish of the collection.

Nike Air Force 1 BHM

Style ID: CT5534 001 Colorway: Dark Smoke Grey/Track Red/Grey Retail Price: $130 Release Date: February 19, 2020 The Nike Air Force 1 Low ‘BHM’ is as real as it is raw. The purposefully left out stitching it a great little feature that really enhances the sneaker as a whole. Then there is a BHM logo on the front of the tongue. Materials for the body are also different than the shoelace lining. Courteroid seems to be the material used for the lining. And this lining is a mustard yellow color that stands out from the brown body. Then on the upper of the sneaker is a cracked black to white spectrum design which gives it some depth. Overall, it’s an amazing sneaker with soul.

Nike Air Max 95 BHM

Style ID: CT7435 901 Colorway: Multi-Color/Kinetic Green-Photon Dust Retail Price: $170 Release Date: February 19, 2020 The Nike Air Max 95 ‘BHM’ showcases vibrant colors and culture. African American history is rich with history and filled with color. The Nike Air Max 95 ‘BHM’ pays homage to this by putting both of these aspects on center stage. The different array of colors flow naturally together while adding an interesting contrast. And a nice feature would be how the BHM logo is displayed on the front of the tongue.

Where will I be able to purchase the Nike Black History Month collection?

Shiekh stores will be carrying the two products mentioned above. They will not be available online at Shiekh but they will be on Nike online.

Where can I check out new sneaker releases?

New sneakers releases can be found here on the Caps2Kicks blog!

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