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Nike LA Half Marathon: Run With Her

Hosted By: Nike Location: Los Angeles, CA Distance: 13.1 miles Date: April 5th, 2020 Join Nike in running a half marathon in the heart of Los Angeles. The purpose of this half marathon is to support girl athletes and help break down the barriers that today’s society has put in front of them. Only 1 in 5 kids get the exercise they need and girls are on the worse end of that statistic. When girls in the United States hit the age of 14, they drop out of sports at twice the rate of boys, while some never even started.

The Mission

Nike believes in investing in the future of these girls and to hopefully provide a better environment for them to be able to engage in physical activities. That’s why, with this first ever Nike half marathon, they will be supporting Women Coach Los Angeles (WCLA). They hope to increase the number of female coaches to serve as role models for girls all over Los Angeles. This is more than a half marathon, it’s a chance to run together in support of women.

Why Do You Run?

For a stronger heart, or a clearer head? To chase a time at the finish line, Or just to prove to yourself you can make it to the start? To even the playing field for the next generation, Or to send a message to this one? Or are you running this race simply because they didn’t have races for girls when you were growing up? Are you running because there’s strength in numbers, And meaning in every mile? Are you doing it for ‘gram, or for your grandma? What about the thousands of new friends you’ll make on race day, Running side by side. In silence and solidarity. For a better you. And a better LA for every girl who follows in your footsteps. Whatever the reason, We’ve got the race.

Nike LA Marathon

This will be Nike’s first half marathon in Los Angeles so it is sure to be a special event. There is expected outcome of 20,000 amazing people participating in the half marathon. Chase the finish line and help them chase their dreams. Run for a better tomorrow. Register today!

Also, train like a champ in their gear. Shiekh has plenty of new looks from Nike just like the newly released Nike Air Vapormax 360. Perfect for training and running on the big day.

When is the Nike Half Marathon in Los Angeles?

It will take place on April 5th, 2020.

How do I register for the Nike Half Marathon?

You can register on Nike’s website.

Where can I get the latest Nike gear to train?

Shiekh always has the latest Nike styles. They also incorporate Affirm payment plans which help ease the load on your wallet.

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