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Nike ‘Space Hippie’: Exploring New Frontiers

The Martian

Have you ever seen the movie called ‘The Martian’ starring Matt Damon? It was perhaps the best movie released in 2015. ‘The Martian’ garnered 7 Oscar nominations but failed to win any of them. You could say that 7 nominations is still a huge honor. Even Barack Obama chimed in by calling it one of the best science fiction films of all time. Anyways, there are going to be a few spoiler alerts ahead but if you haven’t watched it by now then I feel like it’s not my fault if I spoil the movie for you.

Just like in the movie ‘The Martian’, the whole premise of him having to struggle so much to stay alive on Mars was centered around the fact that the resupply mission that was supposed to keep him alive failed. Mark Watney (Matt Damon) had to survive with what he had. There were no supplies coming to save him. His will to survive and utilization of all his resources and all his knowledge made it possible for him to survive.

Nike ‘Space Hippie’

Now, I know that ‘The Martian’ is just a movie and that nothing portrayed in the movie was real. But Nike has decided to take the “no resupply mission” mentality to heart. Nike has released the details of a new running shoe line called ‘Space Hippie’. The ‘Space Hippie’ line has 4 different silhouettes and they will each have a different closure type to ensure that every runner is accounted for. They will incorporate the use of traditional laces, lace-less, and Flyease in order to give a high level of comfort for every runner.

The name and ideology of the ‘Space Hippie’ collection was inspired by life on Mars. On Mars, you have to figure out a way to live with almost no resources. You have to rely on scraps and junk to get you through the days. Before, some people start getting confused, ‘The Martian’ has not been cited as inspiration for the new Nike ‘Space Hippie’ collection but I see a lot of similarities in the messages that both portrayed.

Being Resourceful

‘Space Hippie’ incorporates yarn that is made of at least 85% rPoly which consists of plastic water bottles, t-shirts, and yarn scraps. The foam for the midsole uses 15% Nike Grind rubber and rest is made of 100% recycled foam materials. Therefore, the sneakers are incredibly sustainable, extremely lightweight, and powerfully responsive. The recycled yarn and especially the Nike Grind rubber give the ‘Space Hippie’ collection a nice space junk theme to them.

I swear I mean space junk in a good way. They look raw and futuristic. Moreover, it is a great design that really encapsulates the whole space theme that they were going for. They even capitalized on the rawness of the design to give it a humanitarian purpose by using mostly recycled materials. This is a great design and collection with a great purpose behind it. The Nike ‘Space Hippie’ collection is set to be released in Spring or Summer 2020. Are you ready to explore new frontiers?

When will the Nike ‘Space Hippie’ be available?

There are no confirmed dates but it is scheduled to release in Spring 2020. It will be on our upcoming release calendar whenever there is a set release date.

What was the inspiration for this collection?

Life on Mars. How to effectively use limited resources.

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