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Off-White x Air Jordan 5 Retro: Fresh Take on Streetwear

Style ID: CT8480 001 Colorway: Black/Muslin-Fire Red Retail Price: $225 Release Date: February 15, 2020 AVG Resale Price: $1,373 Off-White is collaborating again with the Jordan brand and we could not be more excited. Their previous collaboration consisted of Virgil Abloh redesigning the Air Jordan 1. It is the most sought after Air Jordan 1 to date. The creativity and rawness of the design won everyone over and we believe this time is no different.

The New Off-White Collaboration

This time around, he made his mark on the Air Jordan 5 Retro sneaker. There are some apparent similarities to the Air Jordan 1 x Off-White collaboration such as the all caps lettering on the shoe laces. Then he also included the same product tag on the inner side of the sneaker just as he did in the first collaboration.

We start to see a difference in the color that he chose this time. The entire sneaker is a dark grey and it appears a bit dull if I’m being honest. But the design is impeccable. While the color is rather dull, the features of it are anything but. The body is textured with simple grey material all around. But there are a few distinctive features like the circular hole goes through on both sides. The padded ankle that is a staple in the Air Jordan 6 Retro design is taken out and replaced with a circular plastic pad.

The Off-White x Air Jordan 5 Retro is a rough and raw sneaker but that’s why we loved the Air Jordan 1 so much. And even though we believe this sneaker isn’t exactly his greatest design, we still love it. We definitely think the potential was there but we think the biggest reason that these sneakers missed out on being a classic is because its rather bland color.

The Rundown

Personally, I’m going to still try to buy it just because of the Off-White name. But I would not be sad if I miss out on this sneaker.

When will the Off-White x Air Jordan 5 Retro be released?

The sneaker will be released on February 15, 2020

Where will I be able to buy the Off-White x Air Jordan 5 Retro?

If you’re looking to buy this sneaker then you better hope for a miracle. The sneakers will be raffled by Foot Locker but only in the city of Chicago and everyone else is going to have to deal with the SNKRS app. If you are familiar with the SNKRS app already then you know why everyone hates it. But if you’re new then it’s because hardly anyone is actually lucky to buy the sneaker.

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