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Overlooked Jordan Proto-Types: React Z & Max 720

I don’t consider myself the most knowledgeable person on sneakers but these are one the best looking sneakers I have ever seen. Both the Jordan Proto React Z & Max 720 are stunning sneakers with unique designs. But, both of these sneakers could be seen as missing the mark on a sales point of view. They have not been the most successful release. In all honesty, most stores are having trouble selling them.

But still, I love these sneakers. Their design is truly one of a kind and even better they come in two slight variations. The Proto line was said by Nike to be inspired by space suits. Both of them have a lot of similarities and few distinct differences.

React Z

Style ID: CI3794 100 Colorway: White/Bright Crimson-Black Retail Price: $160 Sale Price: $97.97 on Nike The Jordan Proto React Z is my absolute favorite, not only of the two, but all Jordan sneakers in general. It has the more simpler colorways of the two which is completely fine because of all the complexities that the React Z silhouette carries. There are no laces on the sneaker. Instead, the React Z utilizes a side zipper enclosure and a heel strap for ensured comfort and great fit tailored to each individual.

Even though there are many different materials and textures, the sneaker somehow still looks seamless. The React Z rises up to about a mid finish, sitting right over the ankle. The upper is made of a lightweight shroud that adds protection against the elements and flexibility for enhanced performance. Truly a sneaker that can hold its own even in outer space. The Jordan Proto React Z delivers out of this world style and unbeatable performance.

Max 270

Style ID: BQ6623 208 Colorway: Dark Russet/Black-Total Orange Retail Price: $199.99 Sale Price: $159.99 on Footlocker, $109.99 for gold colorway The Jordan Proto Max 720 takes a more robust approach compared to the React Z silhouette. Instead of the zipper enclosure, the Max 720 goes with a traditional shoe lace enclosure. They still incorporate a heel strap for a more unique fit tailored for every individual. This sneaker does deliver higher performance with the inclusion of the Nike Air for cushion in every step and performance when it is needed. With great style and great responsiveness, the Jordan Proto Max 720 is a sneaker that is definitely slept on.

Take a step into the future with the Jordan Proto line. Explore new frontiers with unparalleled style and professional performance.

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