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STARTER: Have What it Takes to be a Starter?

Today, there are few iconic looks that parallel the legacy of the Starter Jacket. You already know the style that I am referring to. It’s simple, classy, and timeless. The nostalgic look that we have seen again and again but fall in love with it every time we see it. You feel as though you’re a part of the team when you wear it. It even feels like you’re a starter when you’re wearing the Starter Jacket. You feel as though you’re carrying the weight of the city you’re repping on your back and you love every second of it.

Albeit, the Starter company doesn’t have that big of a catalog and they don’t necessarily rock the boat in search for new trends. But hey, props to them for sticking with their strengths and refining it time and time again until they perfected the craft. Their classic look is going to keep them relevant in the sporting world for decades to come. Maybe they’ll find another winning formula down the line but for now they seem content with sticking to their strengths and focusing on that. But at least they have bought themselves a lot of time to innovate and create something even more timeless than the classic Starter Jacket.

The START of History

Either way, you can’t truly consider yourself a true sports fan if you’ve never owned a Starter Jacket. You can’t even consider yourself a trendy fashionable person if a one of these jackets hasn’t graced your closet. The Starter Jackets really started taking off when some celebrities were seen wearing them in public and even in some films. Once people saw celebrities in them, they were instilled in the pop culture world. Most of the publicity did come from the hip-hop and urban side of the celebrity world. Just like how Eddie Murphy wore a Starter Jacket in his film ‘Coming to America’ back in 1988.

Even if you’ve never seen the bench in your life, look like a real Starter wearing a Starter Jacket. If you’ve been a bench warmer or a towel boy or a water boy you’re entire life then congratulations because you’re finally going to be a Starter. Even if you hate sports and have no idea what the team’s are, buy one and finally understand what it’s like to be a fan. Be a Starter.

You can shop Starter Jackets on both Shiekh and Karmaloop. Both of them always have great deals so make sure you check them both out!

Where will I be able to buy some Starter Jackets?

They are available at Shiekh and Karmaloop. Both offer a great selection and they always have great deals so make sure to check out both of them!

Are Starter Jackets expensive?

Yes and no. They can range from $45 to north of $100. But Shiekh and Karmaloop both offer Affirm payment plans which can help ease the load.

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