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Starter Team Jackets : A Classic Returns

The History

Starter was established in 1971 with the purpose of fusing team gear and fashion for the avid fan. Time and time again they have fashioned iconic looks that withstand the test of time. No better example of this is their legendary Starter Jackets. With its recent re-launch, the Starter Team Jackets have been flying off the shelves.

Starter Team Jackets at Shiekh

The Style

The famous Starter Team Jackets are a perfect blend of retro and classy. No sports fan is truly complete without the Starter Jacket in their arsenal. The jackets provide plenty of warmth and style while being surprisingly light. They incorporate a team’s primary colors and construct simple patterns to compliment them.

49ers Starter Jacket from Sheikh

The Retailers

The Starter Jackets can be found at many retailers but with so many options available at Shiekh, there is no need to go anywhere else. Shiekh even has an Affirm payment plan feature that makes it perfect for shoppers to buy without digging into their wallets. There are many options at Shiekh and other retail stores so make sure to look around for your favorite.

Vegas Knights NHL Starter Team Jackets at Shiekh

The Reason

It’s a classic. Even if you aren’t a big sports person, some of the styles and colorways make it a great addition to anyone’s closet. It’ll keep you warm in the cold without sacrificing comfort and style. It is a triple threat and there is something timeless about the look of it. Especially with so meany teams and colorways available, there is a jacket for everyone. Starter Team Jackets are also commonly bought for the city or team name that is displayed. Sometimes people just like the city that is displayed on the chest. Vegas is a common one that has a simple colorway and a high profile city on the front of it which makes it a popular buy for many who simply want to rep Vegas.

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