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Summer EsSUNtials

So the “sun is shining, the weather is sweet,” and to top it off, it’s 4/20!  What more could you ask for?  As the sun shines bright and temps begin to climb, you don’t want to step outside without this sunny (yet hazy) day must-have!  Nope, no summer look is complete without the perfect pair of shades.  Sunglasses not only solidify your spring and summer looks, they also protect your vision from damaging UV rays as you spend more time outdoors.  Since your shades sit dead center, a focal point on your face, both function and style are important factors in selecting a pair or two for you.  Whether you prefer a modern or a classic style, Karmaloop has the hottest “esSUNtials” to keep your looks on point, all season long.  Check out these trending styles of the season and browse a showcase of summer esSUNtials at Karmaloop.

The Wayfarer

The Wayfarer may very well be the most classic and iconic style of sunglasses today.  Created and coined by Ray-Ban in 1956, the Wayfarer has maintained longevity, primarily because the style looks great on just about everyone!  Not only that, the simple Wayfarer frame pairs well with just about anything  in your closet and is bound to remain a fashion staple, never to go out of style.



summer essuntials

The Francis – $19.95

summer essuntials

The Travis – $17.95

Round Frames

With festival season in full effect, it’s looking like round frame sunglasses are a favorite among the crowds.  They give off cool-vintage vibes, taking us back to the days of John Lennon and Janis Joplin.  Round frames add a touch of playfulness and eccentricity to any look, whether classy or casual.  

summer essuntials

Pharrell via GSI Media

summer essuntials

The Jules – $25

summer essuntials

The Verne – $25

The Aviator

Another icon in the sunglasses game are the ever-classic, Aviators. Originally designed in the 1930’s for United States aviators flying sky high, the style quickly gained popularity among civilians and everyone had to have a pair. Classic aviator frames are metal with a double or triple bridge and now there are variations made of plastic.  Throw on a pair to complete your casual, effortless looks. 

summer essuntials



The Wright – $25


The Derek – $17.95

The Clubmaster / “Horn-Rimmed”

Another popular style coined by Ray-Ban is the Clubmaster, or horn-rimmed sunglasses.  Similar in design to the Wayfarer, Clubmaster frames feature rounded lenses, a wire rim bottom, and a  stylish upper rim or brow-line (usually made of plastic).  They’re perfect for elevating a casual look and add a great finishing touch to any retro inspired outfit.   

summer essuntials

Kylie Jenner via Rex Features

summer essuntials

The Bennett – $25

summer essuntials

The Cameron – $17.95

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