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THESOLOIST x Converse CX Disrupt

Style ID: 168214C & 168213C Colorway: White-White & Black-Black Retail Price: $150 Release Date: March 12, 2020 Where to Buy: Converse @ 7pm EDT Resale Price Prediction: $250 An unexpected release coming out on March 12, 2020. Takahiro Miyashita has teamed up with Converse to create his stunning interpretation of the Converse CX Disrupt. Definitely one of my favorite Converse collaborations and it should be met with high demand on the release date.

THESOLOIST x Converse CX Disrupt

Takahiro Miyashita doesn’t have the most known name in fashion but it is definitely one you should know. The intricate design is something that should definitely be marveled at. The chunky block heel contrasts the smooth curved inner arch. They also got rid of the heavy firm layering on the toes and replaced it with a thin plasti-dip like finish. That same plasti-dipped finish is apparent on the arch and the shoelace entries.

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This allows for a layered look even though the sneakers only utilize one colorway. It adds depth without adding the use of different colors. The canvas body, the plasti-dipped accents, and the waffled heel midsole are all the same color, yet all these little details are on full display. He lets the materials of the Converse CX Disrupt speak for themselves and it works perfectly. It’s the little details like this that cements Takahiro Miyashita as one of the best designers today.

There is a neat little patch on the opposite side of the Converse logo that reads ‘I AM THE SOLOIST’. That tagline is also found right under the shoelace holes where the plasti-dipped finish can be found. It does appear that Takahiro Miyashita did not necessarily have much to say on this sneaker but still the little that he included works well with the sneakers.

When will THESOLOIST x Converse CX Disrupt release?

March 11, 2020.

Who collaborated on the sneaker?

Takahiro Miyashita and Converse teamed up to collaborate on the CX Disrupt design.

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