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PSG x Jordan: The Collab Continues

Jordan announced last year that they would be taking on the world of soccer. They have limited experience in this market but they know fashion and they know just where their product will thrive. Their PSG x Jordan collab drew headlines because of how genius the move was. From a soccer perspective, PSG is a famous side with loads of talent. They have won 6 of the last 7 Ligue 1 titles (domestic league), so winning is nothing new to them. They are also consistent competitors in soccer’s biggest tournament, the Champions League.

Paris also happens to be the fashion capital of the world so it makes sense that Jordan choose a team that could actually embrace the whole streetwear culture that other soccer clubs might not appreciate. One other reason for the collab with Paris-Saint Germain is that 2 of the posterboys for Nike Soccer play on PSG. Neymar and Mbappe have ruled the soccer pitch and the spotlight.

The PSG x Jordan collab has been a success so far and it looks like that trend will continue with the latest release of apparel. It’s a style that will win on and off the soccer pitch. We’re definitely excited for these new releases and are excited to see more in the future. Make sure to act fast though because some of their items like the black and white hoodie sell out in only a few hours.

The New Gear

Style ID: BQ8382 101 Product Name: Jordan PSG Long Sleeve Tee Retail Price: $44.99 & Style ID: BQ8384 010 Product Name: Jordan PSG Logo Tee Retail Price: $34.99 Shiekh will have 4 products available on their site from the PSG x Jordan collab. The white long sleeve tee being our favorite from the bunch. The other tees will still be a great cop though, especially the all black tee. Make sure to also take advantage of their Affirm payment plans!

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