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Ranking Upcoming Sneaker Releases for The Week

A new week is here so that means it’s time to go over the top upcoming releases for February 24, 2020 – March 1, 2020. Only 6 releases this week made the cut to make it onto our calendar. For those of you that don’t know, we only put releases that score 7 or more on our Caps2Kicks Overall Rating scale on our calendar.

It is going to be a good week for sneakerheads as we are set to see some very intriguing collaborations this week. This week’s list is also heavily dominated by Nike with 4 of the 6 entries belonging to them (5 if you include Jordan with them but we usually try to keep them separated because of the powerhouses they are).

#6 Upcoming Release of the Week

Nike Kyrie 6 ‘Vast Grey’

Starting off our list at #6 for this week’s releases is the Nike Kyrie 6 ‘Vast Grey’. It is a great combination of simple and unique. The design of the sneaker is rather plain but with many interesting characteristics like the eye in the undersole and the animal print strap, this sneaker quickly becomes a very intriguing to look at. The colorway also starts off rather plain but is taken to new heights with little splashes of bright colors like the pink heel and blue/pink strap. The Nike Kyrie 6 ‘Vast Grey’ is a simple and affordable sneaker which is why it made the Caps2Kicks calendar. Don’t expect this upcoming sneaker release to sell out so take your time deciding if you really want the sneaker.

#5 Upcoming Release of the Week

Stella McCartney x Adidas Ultraboost ‘Active Orange’

Next we have the Stella McCartney x Adidas Ultraboost ‘Active Orange’. The colors of this sneaker pop like no other. It is vibrant and appealing to the eye. Combine that with the impeccable quality of the Adidas Ultraboost line and you get a winner. However, the reason we’re putting it in the bottom half of the list is because of the high price tag. The $220 retail price seems way too high even for the best running shoes.

#4 Upcoming Release of the Week

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Pine Green’

Then the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Pine Green’ comes in at #4 of our releases of the week. It’s an Air Jordan 1 need I say more? Okay I will. It’s a great colorway but it lacks a little something extra to make it a classic. The Air Jordan 1 silhouette carried it over the line to get it into the Caps2Kicks upcoming sneaker release calendar but it wasn’t enough to get it in the top 3 releases for the week.

#3 Upcoming Release of the Week

Nike LeBron 17 Low ‘Tune Squad’

Next up at #3 we have the Nike LeBron 17 Low ‘Tune Squad’. The only reason we have this at #3 instead of #2 is because of some killer collaborations we have this week (Spoiler Alert). The ‘Tune Squad’ release this week is one of my favorite LeBron 17 releases. The features of the sneaker like the bunny tail and the different color laces are what make this sneaker so special. I think this will be one of those sneakers that just keeps building and building in value as time goes on. Especially once Space Jam 2 gets closer, this upcoming sneaker release should rocket up in value. The ‘Tune Squad’ is definitely a release that I will be trying to buy.

#2 Upcoming Release of the Week

Nike Air Fear of God 1 ‘The Question’

At #2, Nike Air Fear of God 1 ‘The Question’ makes its mark. The sneaker delivers in every way possible. The killer collaboration between Nike and Jerry Lorenzo, the lucrative design, and the big hype are what cemented this sneaker as possibly one of the best releases for the year 2020. Raw, edgy, unique. That’s exactly how I would describe this new release. It’s very hard to get all those three into one sneaker and when you do, it usually ends badly. But Jerry Lorenzo made it look easy. Any other week this upcoming sneaker release would definitely take the top spot.

#1 Upcoming Release of the Week

Travis Scott Nike SB Low ‘Cactus Jack’

Finally, we have the #1 release of the week. Travis Scott Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Cactus Jack’ takes the prize. If we were going solely based on style then we would have gone with Nike Air Fear of God 1 ‘The Question’ but the hype around ‘Cactus Jack’ was just something that ‘God’ couldn’t match. Travis Scott is looking for another killer release which he already has half done. There was a surprise release by Travis Scott on his personal store website on February 22, 2020. It appears that there is not going to be anymore online releases. To see a full list of stores that will carry the Travis Scott Nike SB Dunk Low ‘Cactus Jack’ on February 29, 2020 click here.

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